Drummany Spirit presents

Healing Spirit Festival 2024

“Gathering Together in Sacred Ceremony”

A live no alcohol/no drugs music, art & holistic festival in the heart of Cavan’s lakelands. HX

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Healing Spirit Festival

2nd-4th August 2024

Healing Spirit Festival was founded by Gearoid Teevan of Drummany Spirit in 2022. It is a no alcohol/no substance spiritual, holistic, music, art, talk and wellness festival based in the heart of Cavan’s Lakeland area. Healing Spirit is a very family friendly festival.

Drummany Spirit is a community group whose aim is to support and provide a safe space for people recovering from addiction, their families and all of the community.

Liam Ó Maonlaí | Bog Bodies | Marcus Magee & The Hollaw Men | The Armagh Rhymers | Slí na Croí | Blutack & The Green Horns | Ciara Lawless | Dr Slacke & the Palpitations | John LeFleur | Kiruu | Caoimhin | Fiona Fitzpatrick | Marcin Didgeridoo Jedi | Lor-Key Xiuh | Rúadhán Ó Deasmhúnaigh | Dolores Whelan | Tony Ærcyus Christie | Gearoid Teevan | Michael Harding | Daniel Downey Shane Connaughton | Dr Dilis Clare | An Gobha Tom King | An Tsaoi Eile | Sacred Sweatlodges | Meditation | Sound Bath | Yoga | Ceili | Breathwork | Restorative Dance | Art | Food | Willow Weaving | Bards & Storytellers | Fire Side Love Jam Seisiun | Environmental Workshops | & more

The festival was exceptionally well organised by Gearoid and Lorraine Teevan. Everyone I engaged with throughout the day were considerate, calm and delighted that a festival of this kind was happening in Ireland.
Joey Burns

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Festival Reviews

What people are saying

Healing Spirit Festival creates and holds space for all our sacred prayers. Friendly people amazing food crafts music. healing inside and out. Healing the hearts dancing the joys. I really enjoyed myself. Thank you to all who created these memorable days of blessing. Roll on next year!
Sherrie Scott
Thank you Healing Spirit Festival for such a beautiful festival. This was truly a magical weekend. Surrounded by nature, our elders, Mexican natives here to help us remember and powerful generations coming behind us... it gave me the space to release and open up more to myself.
Joanne Burke
This was 5 months ago in Ireland at the Healing Spirit Festival. I returned to my homeland in search of community that aligned with my values. This was an alcohol and drug free weekend, a place of healing and connection and I’m so grateful it found me, for it was there that I met my tribe and it was there that I felt truly at home.
Julie Hayes
Healing Spirit Festival is such a brilliant festival. From the music to the sound baths in the forest, the restorative dancing, ceremonies and storytelling were just some of the wonderful things of the weekend. The people and vibe there was so friendly and welcoming. I can't wait to go back and experience it all again.
Sonia Sheridan

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The Republic of Ireland celebrates its first bank holiday in honour of St Brigid. She is a beloved saint known for unity, equality, and joy in Ireland. Poet Laura Murphy, daughter of a mother-and-baby-home survivor, led the push for St Brigid’s Day to be a national holiday. She gathered 16,000 signatures for this important step1. […]

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Join us to dive into Ireland’s holistic festivals. Imagine lively events amidst the stunning nature. These gatherings offer paths to becoming well and spiritually richer. The Healing Spirit Festival lasts three days during the Lughnasadh bank holiday weekend, from August 4 to 6. It showcases many music performances and fun for all the family. You […]

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Celebrating Ireland without alcohol or drugs is now easier with sober, family-friendly festivals around. These festivals mix music, art, and activities focused on wellness. They aim to show that fun doesn’t need substances. The Healing Spirit Festival is one such celebration, happening from August 4-6. It brings together top artists like Liam Ó Maonlaí and […]

Nowadays, people and event organisers really care about having fun without alcohol or drugs. This idea of enjoying life in a pure way is becoming very popular in Ireland. Drug free festivals are not just about avoiding substances. They are about creating spaces where everyone can enjoy themselves safely. These festivals don’t just say no […]

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Sober festivals in Ireland break the norm of drinking-heavy Irish celebrations. They show off Ireland’s culture minus the alcohol. They’re great for everyone, from families to those looking for a sober way to enjoy life. Interestingly, between 1903 and 1970, drinking on St Patrick’s Day was not allowed by law in Ireland1. Key Takeaways Renewed […]

Conscious festivals in Ireland celebrate spirituality, unity, and green living. They take place in the stunning nature of Ireland. These events can change your perspective and connect you with the world and yourself. They are more than gatherings. They are journeys of self-discovery. At these festivals, people from all walks of life come together. They […]

Join us on a trip to explore spiritual festivals worldwide. We will visit Croatia’s beautiful coasts and Hungary’s lively scenes. These events mix music, art, and spiritual practices to offer a unique and life-changing experience. Germany hosts the Psychedelic Experience Festival. It shines with colourful performances, beautiful art, and shared spiritual moments. This festival, like […]

New Age festivals mix music, culture, arts, and spiritual practices. They bring together those who love them and those who are new. These events are about sharing values and creating kind, sustainable spaces. They’re not just parties; they’re about changing lives with yoga, comedy, and music. At these festivals, joy is key. They’re all about […]

Step into a realm where nature’s rhythms are honoured with joy. Pagan festivals mark the turning seasons with eight special Sabbats1. These events have deep roots, blending both light and shadow in perfect harmony. Wiccan traditions let you join in, linking to ancient ways through celebration. This path is about more than just events. It’s […]

The idea of Pagan holidays is gaining new interest. Many are looking into old traditions and their links to today’s holidays, like Christmas. The Pagan calendar we use today is mostly based on Celtic ideas. But this can sometimes make us misunderstand the old Irish Pagan festivals. These celebrations make up an interesting Wheel of […]

Druidic festivals give us time to stop, think, and connect with nature’s cycles every few weeks. They offer a break from our busy lives, allowing us to be fully in the moment. These events happen in many ways, from personal rituals to large gatherings at special places. They often include stories, songs, and poetry. The […]

Is Ireland Europe’s hidden gem for hippie culture and music festivals? In 2024, the country will be alive with exciting events. Our ultimate guide shows you the best and most vibrant hippie festivals. Ireland’s festivals mix traditional folk with techno and rock ‘n’ roll. These events offer a colourful and diverse experience, making Ireland a […]

Drummany Spirit is healing

A serious addiction to alcohol once left company director and organic farmer Gearoid Teevan in a dark place. Now he wants to help others live their best lives. The Milltown man went to rehab over a decade ago and credits his love of the land and nature with helping to keep him sober. So when […]

A serious addiction to alcohol once left organic farmer Gearoid Teevan in a dark place but now he wants to help others live their best lives. The Cavan man went to rehab over a decade ago and credits his love of the land and nature with helping to keep him sober. So when he inherited […]

‘I want to show people – without preaching – that they can have a good time without alcohol and drugs. Getting back in touch with nature while enjoying good music and food, can be so enjoyable’ A serious addiction to alcohol once left organic farmer Gearoid Teevan in a dark place – now he wants […]

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