Yoga and meditation festivals Ireland

Explore Yoga and Meditation Festivals in Ireland

In Ireland, many people looking for peace and spiritual growth are gathering at yoga and meditation festivals. The events bring together Ireland’s stunning nature and rich history. They create a perfect place for anyone looking to improve their well-being and think deeply. Whether you’re just starting or have been practising for years, you’ll find a lot to learn and enjoy.

At Creacon Lodge Wellness Retreat in Wexford, you can enjoy reflexology and stay away from modern tech in their suites1. The Wicklow Escape, also in Wexford, focuses on fresh, local food, and comfort. Dzogchen Beara Retreat in Cork is great for anyone, with daily meditations and weekend events near the sea1. Tawnylust Lodge in Leitrim offers sustainable places to stay with great mountain and lake views1.

But there are even more places to experience wellness. Sólás na Mara in Waterford offers seaweed baths and massages1. In Dublin, The Healing Forest is a peaceful place for nature lovers1. Victor’s Way in Wicklow lets you reflect in a large forest with unique Indian sculptures1. For those into holistic living, Hillside Organic & Holistic Farm in Roscommon has various natural therapies like reiki and reflexology1.

Key Takeaways

  • Diverse yoga and meditation festivals across Ireland blend natural beauty and cultural depth.
  • Creacon Lodge in Wexford offers reflexology sessions and media-free suites.
  • The Wicklow Escape provides luxury accommodation and organic meals.
  • Dzogchen Beara Retreat offers guided meditation with Atlantic views.
  • Sólás na Mara in Waterford provides seaweed baths for health benefits.


Introduction to Yoga and Meditation Festivals in Ireland

Ireland is now a top choice for those wanting peace and finding it through yoga and meditation. It uses the beauty of its landscapes and deep history to set the scene. These events bring together people who love yoga and meditation for a unique experience.

“Wellfest, now in its third year, showcases why these events are so popular. It brings together people of all kinds, offering a wide range of activities. From yoga and pilates to food, fitness, and mindful sessions, there is something for everyone”3.

These festivals include many sessions to reach a wide audience. Wellfest, for example, had sessions like Prana Rising and Soulful Shakti, among others. It also discussed mindful living in today’s busy world and how to change negative stories into positive ones3.

spiritual gatherings Ireland

People could join yoga classes at any level and hear about today’s tech impact. Experts, like Chris Flack and Aidan Healy, were there to talk. The event ended with a yoga session at a closing party, leaving a lasting memory for all3.

Also, they highlighted future events, such as Body and Soul in June and the West Cork Yoga Festival in August3. These events welcome families, offering special children’s activities at places like WellKids3. This makes it easy for anyone to try these activities without long-term commitments, making them more accessible and fun.

To wrap up, these festivals in Ireland are key in bringing people together for spiritual growth. They offer an inviting environment for health and well-being for everyone. This ensures that attending these events is a life-changing experience.

Popular Yoga Retreats in Ireland

Step into the peaceful world of Ireland’s top yoga spots. They are hidden in green landscapes and beside stunning shores. These spots will refresh your body and mind. The favourite places include “Yoga by the Sea” and “Mountain Bliss Yoga Retreat”. They offer expert help to boost your physical and mental health.

If you’re after a posh time, head to The Wicklow Escape in Wicklow. It offers 18 plush beds for your comfort and peace during yoga1. This place is found in a naturally beautiful area, great for a mountain bliss yoga session. Then, there’s Victor’s Way in Wicklow. It’s set on 22 acres of forest and field, making it perfect for nature-loving yogis1.

The Organic Centre in Leitrim is a special spot. It has seven polytunnels used to grow organic food. This makes your yoga journey even closer to nature1. And, all over Ireland, you have 17 more places to choose from. So, there really is something for everybody1.

yoga retreats in Ireland are really popular this year. There are lots of choices for all wallets. For example, a 3-day Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat costs USD $524. Yet, a 4-day Healing Retreat in Connemara is just USD $4354. People have loved these retreats, calling them “Excellent” on TrustPilot. This shows you’ll have a top-quality time4.

yoga retreats 2022

Eight top retreats have filled up quickly and got 105 great reviews4. And, there are 22 more retreats near Ireland. This gives you plenty of options to find your perfect yoga place, by the sea or in the mountains4.

RetreatLocationPrice (USD)Special Features
3 Day Yoga & Mindfulness RetreatIreland$524“Excellent” on TrustPilot
4 Day Healing RetreatConnemara$435Nature immersion
4 Day Mindful Adventure & Wellbeing RetreatConnemara$523Adventure activities
5 Day Mindfulness RetreatCork$2,730Exclusive luxury

Mindfulness and Meditation Workshops We Recommend

We suggest you try transcendental meditation and mindfulness retreats to improve your whole self. These workshops are led by experts. They focus on making you feel calmer, stronger, and helping you grow personally. You’ll do this in calm, supportive places.

Transcendental Meditation Workshops

You can join various retreats, whether for a weekend, a long weekend, or just a few days during the week5. The weekends are special. You’ll do morning meditations, yoga, breathwork, relaxations, and sound baths. It’s a complete experience5.

transcendental meditation workshops

Some retreats focus on the Wim Hof Method5. At the Cliffs of Moher, you’ll learn this method which involves special breathing, cold exposure, and being dedicated. People love the rooms, food, and everything else about these retreats5.

Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

In 2023, the Sunday Sessions will start with new workshops every Sunday. They mix art classes, various music, movements that restore, and healing sounds5. These events pay attention to being mindful but also include singing, dancing, special breathing, and the Wim Hof Method5.

In Ireland, a big holistic event at RDS Dublin happens on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of September. Over 200 stands will show things that help everyone be well6.
There will be a Yoga and Meditation Festival with free 25 hours of yoga and meditation classes. Plus 100 hours of free talks and classes6. And 75 hours of sessions to help you live better and happier6.

Health and Wellness Festivals in Ireland

Health and wellness festivals in Ireland offer amazing chances to boost your physical and mental health. These events are perfect for personal growth. They have lots of activities and workshops for you to try.


WellFest is a top event in Ireland’s holistic scene. It’s on the 11th and 12th of May, 2024, at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin7. You can join in yoga and wellbeing workshops. This helps you lead a more balanced life8. Getting there is easy too, with many bus routes from the city7.

holistic festivals Ireland

Dublin Mind Body Experience

The Dublin Mind Body Experience is a must for anyone into wellness workshops in Dublin. It has activities that look after your whole self and promote being mindful. You’ll find meditation workshops, nutritional talks, and more, making wellness a complete experience8. If you’re coming, remember there’s no parking. Use buses, or get a taxi from nearby places after the festival7.

People who love these festivals look forward to meeting others who share their interests. They’re a big part of Ireland’s full well-being scene all year8. WellFest and the Dublin Mind Body Experience are perfect examples. They offer something special to everyone who goes.

Discover the Best Spiritual Retreats

In Ireland, you can engage with ancient Celtic wisdom at retreat centres. These are among the top spiritual retreats. They offer a place for those wishing to grow spiritually and find inner peace. Around 40% of them let you look after yourself, making your stay personal and easy1.

Set in tranquil spots, these retreats include two by the sea, ideal for peaceful reflection in Ireland1. County Cork is home to one of the six centres, offering a unique experience1. Many also focus on being green, with a third providing eco-friendly places to stay1.

spiritual retreats

About 17% of these places have special detox programs, perfect for those looking to refresh1. In County Galway, you can enjoy unique yoga among eight available classes, blending body wellness with spiritual serenity1. Also, 25% of the retreats arrange for guided trips. This lets you explore Ireland’s beautiful nature, adding to your spiritual experience1.

There’s a strong focus on living sustainably and organic farming in a third of the retreats1. Additionally, one of every four centres offers ways to connect more with nature. They provide foraging workshops, teaching participants how to find food in the wild1. Half of all retreats grow their organic food, promoting an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle1.

Ireland stands out as a top choice for spiritual retreats, with a wide range of options that match its rich cultural heritage. Dive into mindful journeys in Ireland and discover a profound spiritual experience at these retreats.

Holistic Healing Workshops and Retreats

In Ireland, holistic healing retreats let people explore different therapies. A favourite is the introduction to Reiki workshops. These give a good start in energy healing. They are educational and life-changing, helping people live in harmony8.

holistic healing

Introduction to Reiki Workshops

Introduction to Reiki Workshops are popular for those wanting to know about energy healing. People learn to use energy for better health in body and mind. This reflects a growing interest in overall well-being in Ireland8. At Hillside Organic & Holistic Farm in Roscommon, they connect reiki with organic farming. This shows a complete view on health and the environment1.

Holistic Healing Retreats

Places like Cloona Health Retreat in Mayo, offer special detox and cleansing programs. These come from Tibetan monks1. Also, at The Healing Forest in Dublin, there are walks and nature activities. They aim to deepen your bond with nature1. These retreats are great for mind, body, and spirit renewal. They also cover crystal therapy and more, showing a full view on being well8.

Meditational Hikes and Walks in the Irish Countryside

The calm beauty of Ireland is perfect for quiet walks and hikes where you can think and feel closer to nature. A top choice is “Mindful Hikes in the Wicklow Mountains.” Here, the peace of the mountains and the focus of being mindful come together. These activities help your mind and soul, making you feel better8.

In Ireland, you can find events that are good for your health and spirit all year round8. Many of these are about going on calm walks or hikes, like in the Wicklow Mountains. The goal is to escape the busy world and feel more at one with nature.

mindful hikes in the wicklow mountains

Other special walks include “Forest Bathing Walks” in Ireland’s green forests8. Not only do these walks let you take a step back from daily stress, but they also let you be truly present in a beautiful natural setting. It’s a wonderful way to practice mindfulness.

Nutrition and Wellness Talks in Dublin

Our focus is on nutrition and wellness talks in Dublin. They offer great chances to learn more about health and well-being. These talks are part of big health and wellness events all over Ireland. They teach us how important a balanced diet and holistic health are for our body and mind86.

The Dublin Mind Body Experience is a key event. It includes many nutrition talks that discuss the link between what we eat and our health8. This is Ireland’s top holistic event happening on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of September 2023 at the RDS, Dublin. The event offers more than 100 hours of free talks, workshops, and classes on a range of health and wellness topics6.

nutrition and wellness talks

This event involves 200 exhibitors and over 60 holistic therapists. It aims to cover well-being from every angle. Attendees can get mini treatments and expert advice6. The Live Well Talks & Workshops part also offers 75 hours of free sessions. These are meant to help us live healthier and happier. They offer both practical tips and deep insights, making them a ‘must-go’ for those wanting to boost their well-being and eating habits.

Going to these nutrition and wellness talks gives us key info on keeping healthy. We learn about the perks of a balanced diet and using fresh, whole foods. We also see how what we eat affects our mental health and energy. Talking about these things helps us live better and get closer to our bodies and health.

These events also feature practical workshops and demos. They let us use our new knowledge in real life. Plus, they add to a wider wellness plan in Ireland. This includes activities like Forest Bathing Walks or Mindful Hikes in the Wicklow Mountains. Such an approach mixes physical exercise, mind calmness, and knowing more about what we eat8.

Taking part in Dublin’s nutrition and wellness talks is a way to live better. With expert advice and support from others, we learn and get inspired. This is all part of Ireland’s drive to boost overall well-being and smart nutrition choices.

Celtic Wisdom and Sacred Site Retreats

Join our sacred site retreats in Ireland to dive into its rich mythological and historical tales. These retreats link you deeply with Celtic wisdom. You get to absorb spiritual doctrines smartly woven with Ireland’s mysterious past.

In Ireland, you’ll find many health and wellness events, including notable spiritual retreats like “Mindful Journeys in Ireland”. The allure of these ideas is obvious by the growing number of attendees8. These retreats enable guests to explore ancient traditions through ceremonies and teachings.

The event to look out for is the Celtic Spirituality Retreat in Inis Mór, Ireland. If you sign up by Mon Feb 27th, you’ll get a $300 early bird discount9. Led by Mary Meighan from Celtic Journeys, this retreat is all about soul journeys in the Celtic tradition9. Seán Johnson, the founder of Wild Lotus Yoga, joins her to share spiritual insights9. Together, they’ve hosted life-changing retreats in Ireland and the USA9.

Past guests praise the retreats for their healing and life-changing impact, mentioning strong personal and spiritual growth9. The program includes songs, chants, Celtic discussions, and rituals near the sea9. You’ll also enjoy activities like welcoming dinners and silent walks to special sites9. The learning continues with Celtic Calendar insights and immersive Brigid Rituals9.

You’ll also get to know the local culture, enjoying the heartiness of an Irish pub9. Visiting more sacred sites on the island deepens the spiritual journey. It’s a chance for profound spiritual and cultural growth9.

Connecting with Ireland’s Wellness Community

The wellness scene in Ireland is booming. It’s now very simple to get involved. You can find information online, visit local wellness spots, or get tips from friends.

Online Resources

Many websites focus on spreading the word about Ireland’s wellness world. You can learn about events like yoga retreats and workshops. Online sessions make participating easy from home.

Local Wellness Centres

Ireland’s wellness centres are key for those keen on yoga, mindfulness, and more. They host services including reiki classes, holistic retreats, and nutrition talks. This boosts wellness and the feeling of belonging within the community8.

Many love these centres for their regular classes and workshops. It helps them make friends and keep growing.

Word of Mouth

Talk from one person to another is big in Ireland’s wellness circle. People share their wellfest and other event experiences8. Newcomers benefit a lot from these chats, finding out about the best events. The Moynalty Yoga Festival is a further example. It highlights over 40 top yoga and meditation teachers10.

Top Yoga and Meditation Festivals Ireland Has to Offer

Ireland’s top yoga and meditation festivals are known for their variety and meaningful experiences. For example, the Thrive Festival in Dublin on 29 February to 1st March 2020, and WellFest on 9-10 May 2020, at Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin, are must-sees11. They offer a mix of wellness activities that boost both your body and mind.

Don’t miss the forest bathing walks at these festivals. The Healing Forest in Dublin hosts guided walks in nature1. It’s a fantastic way to feel at one with the earth.

The EarthSong Festival in Glendree, Co. Clare, from June to July 2020, is worth attending. It combines music, yoga, and awareness for the environment11. Festivals like these show how joining in yoga and nature walks helps your overall health.

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit on 12 October 2020 at Croke Park focuses on mental health. It uses yoga and meditation to fight stress and clear the mind11. The Dublin Mind-Body Experience, from 17-19 May 2019 at RDS in Dublin, is another key wellness event11.

At Creacon Lodge Wellness Retreat in Wexford, participants can enjoy reflexology in peaceful settings1. Dzogchen Beara Retreat, found in Cork and overlooking the Atlantic, offers meditation classes and retreats for starters1. It’s perfect for those keen on spiritual activities.

In a nutshell, Ireland’s top festivals are diverse and rich in health and spiritual benefits. They cater to all, from those wanting to explore the magic of nature to those eager for full wellness programs. These festivals are at the heart of Ireland’s focus on spiritual and physical wellness.


Ireland’s yoga and meditation festivals are more than just events. They blend culture, nature, and spirituality. They offer paths to spiritual refreshment and health. The locations, from coasts to mountains, are carefully picked for everyone’s experience.

An Sanctóir in West Cork shows how natural beauty and mind-body practices mix. It’s on a 30-acre nature reserve. An Sanctóir has weekly classes like Yoga and Tai Chi for holistic well-being12. They also have special events like solstice and equinox gatherings throughout the year12. Flowstate’s yoga activities, from The Marker Hotel to Van Gogh yoga, show Ireland’s variety13.

Retreats are very popular, with themes like mindfulness and wellness4. They’re in beautiful places like County Wexford and County Sligo4. Retreats range from USD $458 to USD $3,033, fitting every budget4. They are often fully booked, showing their success4.

These events encourage personal change and community. They invite us to rejuvenate spiritually and promote well-being. Ireland’s many yoga and meditation events are key to the nation’s wellness.


What are some popular yoga and meditation festivals in Ireland?

“Yoga by the Sea”, “Mountain Bliss Yoga Retreat”, WellFest, and the Dublin Mind Body Experience draw a big crowd. They include many yoga sessions and workshops on meditation. You’ll also find activities for whole-body well-being.

When is the best time to attend yoga retreats in Ireland?

Summer, from June to August, is the top pick for yoga retreats. The weather is great, and the days are long. Remember to always check the dates for specific events like “Mountain Bliss Yoga Retreat” and “Yoga by the Sea”.

Where can I find mindfulness and meditation workshops in Ireland?

Ireland has plenty of places for workshops. Look out for transcendental meditation classes and mindfulness retreats. They happen in quiet spots perfect for finding peace.

What are some renowned health and wellness festivals in Ireland?

WellFest and the Dublin Mind Body Experience are top for well-being. They have yoga, workshops on holistic health, and talks about eating right. This all helps in looking after your whole self.

Are there any spiritual retreats in Ireland?

Absolutely, many spiritual retreats are available in Ireland. They focus on Celtic wisdom and spiritual lessons. You can find them in well-chosen, beautiful natural and historical spots.

What holistic healing workshops and retreats are available in Ireland?

Learn about Reiki and other holistic healing at workshops in Ireland. They cover things like crystal healing and using essential oils. It’s a good chance to explore different healing methods.

What are some popular meditational hikes and walks in Ireland?

Try the ‘Mindful Hikes in the Wicklow Mountains’ for a special experience. It’s an ideal place to think and feel close to nature. A walk there is peaceful and refreshing.

Where can I attend nutrition and wellness talks in Dublin?

Dublin is full of nutrition and wellness talks. Experts talk about good food’s role in keeping us healthy. Find these talks at big wellness events or local health spots.

What are Celtic wisdom and sacred site retreats?

These retreats in Ireland show off the country’s rich history. They mix spiritual lessons with myths and stories. This makes for a profound dive into ancient Irish traditions.

How can I connect with Ireland’s wellness community?

You can join Ireland’s wellness scene through the internet, local spots, and by chatting with people in the know. These connections help keep you updated on what’s happening in the wellness world.

What are some of the top yoga and meditation festivals in Ireland?

“Yoga by the Sea”, “Mountain Bliss Yoga Retreat”, and events with forest walks are well-loved. These events mix yoga and meditation with nature. It’s a great way to relax and connect.

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Healing Spirit festival takes place at Drummany Spirit, Milltown, Cavan, Ireland on the 4rd to 5th August 2024. Our festival is run by our small community group, Drummany Spirit, is family and child friendly and is alcohol and drug free. This boutique festival features a large lineup of live music, plus a large array of holistic events and practices including sweat lodges, yoga classes, movement meditation (ecstatic dance), pranayama/breathwork, meditation; plus alternative healing and therapies, crafts, art, drumming circles and talks by leading authorities on personal and spiritual growth, sustainability, conscious living, and healing.

We are set on beautiful sacred land overlooking Lough Oughter in Cavan. Drummany Spirit is a community group which hosts the festival each year. 2024 is our third year running the festival and it's been a major success so far with new friends from across Ireland and abroad attending. You can see the festival lineup here, see photos from previous years here and you can get tickets here (note: the festival has very limited capacity and is almost sold out) .