Spiritual festivals Ireland

Discover the Magic of Spiritual Festivals Across the World

Join us on a trip to explore spiritual festivals worldwide. We will visit Croatia’s beautiful coasts and Hungary’s lively scenes. These events mix music, art, and spiritual practices to offer a unique and life-changing experience.

Germany hosts the Psychedelic Experience Festival. It shines with colourful performances, beautiful art, and shared spiritual moments. This festival, like many others, shows the beauty of coming together in peace and joy.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore vibrant spiritual retreats and sacred ceremonies around the world.
  • Experience Croatia’s enchanting shores and Hungary’s vivacious landscapes.
  • Engage in divine celebrations combining music, art, and spirituality.
  • Join enlightening performances and community rituals at the Psychedelic Experience Festival in Germany.
  • Immerse in transformative festivals that invite diverse backgrounds to connect.

The Essence of Psychedelic Festivals

At psychedelia-centred transcendental festivals, we step into another world. This world is filled with cosmic vibes and mystical happenings. The mix of music and art lays out a rich tapestry for personal growth. People often leave feeling changed, as though they’ve journeyed deep within themselves1.

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Music and Art Fusion in Psychedelic Festivals

Psychedelic festivals are a melting pot of music and creativity. They host top acts and worldly markets, creating a unique buzz. For example, the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig showcases over 150 bands across 50 venues2. The Indian Spirit Festival, in Eldena, Germany, is a mecca for psytrance with over 100 of the best DJs2.

Workshops and Communal Rituals

Enlightenment at these festivals comes through shared experiences. Ancient-style rituals, like those of Irish druids, are part of the scene. They mix learning, memory work, and symbol-heavy events3. The ethos of community and sustainability is strong too. The Boom Festival in Portugal leads the way in green living2.

A Deep Dive into the Psychedelic Experience Festival

A top pick among these celebrations is the Psychedelic Experience Festival. It marks “20 Years of Psychedelic Experience” with a 70-hour music event. The festival transforms from sunny days to mystical nights2. It’s known for creating that magical, psychedelic feeling. Events like the “land of 2033 lakes” make it an unforgettable journey.

We’re always eager to see what’s next at these festivals, ready to dive into more mystical experiences and enriching rituals.

The Sacred Spirit Festival: Reviving Ancient Music Traditions

The Sacred Spirit Festival takes place at the stunning Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. It celebrates sacred events and music from around the world. At this festival, beautiful music connects us all, no matter our background. The combination of the fort’s beauty and the music’s power creates a special feeling in everyone.

Location and Dates

The festival happens at the Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, in either February or March. It’s a perfect time, with the weather just right for enjoying the music. The fort’s ancient walls add something to the music. It feels like the music has always been a part of this special place.

Featured Artists and Performances

Over 200 artists from more than 10 countries join in, attracting over 3,000 guests. Big names like Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Amaan Ali Bangash have performed. The variety in music makes the event unique. It brings together different sounds from all over, making it a celebration of music itself.

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The Spiritual Impact on Attendees

People often say the Sacred Spirit Festival is a journey for the soul. It focuses on spiritual and soulful music, turning the place into a haven. Every song and conversation feels deeply meaningful, touching everyone’s heart. This spiritual feeling stays with people long after they’ve left the festival.

Envision Festival: A Journey into the Heart of Costa Rica

The Envision Festival is at Rancho La Merced, on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. It blends music, art, and spirituality into an amazing experience. This year marks its 10-year journey, becoming known as one of the greenest festivals worldwide4. Around 7,000 people come every year for the special mix of activities4.

Unique Features of Envision Festival

It shines for using bamboo and reusable items. Over four days, or seven in 2020, it offers places to stay from camping to hotels4. Places like Uvita and Dominical are nearby, making it easy to reach from San José. This turns the festival into an accessible adventure4.

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Music and Dance Performances

The festival’s music and dance fill the air with excitement. There are four parts to the program, with acts like CloZee and Rüfüs Du Sol4. It truly becomes a place full of life and deep spiritual connections for music fans.

Healing Workshops and Retreats

Beyond music, the festival has workshops for healing and transformation. These include yoga, meditation, and special ceremonies. It’s a chance for people to meet and connect, creating strong new friendships.

Envision Festival offers so much, making it a top choice for those seeking spiritual festivals and sustainable living.

Spiritual Festivals Ireland

Spiritual festivals in Ireland mix old traditions with modern celebrations. They take us on a journey full of divine beauty. With reflective retreats, sacred songs, and colourful events, they create a special time for everyone.

The first festival is Imbolc on February 1st. Bealtaine follows on May 1st5. These events let people dive into Ireland’s culture with deep religious gatherings and transforming moments.

Lughnasadh is on August 1st, then the Healing Spirit Festival adds a new vibe. It runs from August 4 to 6, with lots of music like Liam Ó Maonlaí and Kíla6.

spiritual festivals Ireland

The Healing Spirit Festival is a fun place for everyone, with no alcohol or drugs. Children can join too, with dance, workshops, and stories6. There are options for camping, making it easy for all to come6.

Samhain, on October 31st to November 1st, closes the cycle. It’s a time to remember the dead and enjoy the harvest5. These festivals show Ireland’s spiritual heart, a mix of its rich history and lively now.

Masters of Puppets: Celebrating Underground Music Culture

The Masters of Puppets festival in the Czech Republic puts underground music in the spotlight. It lasts over 160 hours and fills the air with electronic beats and artistic vibes. The fest crosses borders, bringing people together through music and cool artworks. Top-notch sound gear from Lambda Lab and lots of fun extras make it a must-visit.

underground music culture

Festival Highlights and Attractions

At Masters of Puppets, there’s something special for everyone. You’ll find eco-friendly goods and tasty eats for all diets. Plus, there are spaces where you can learn about a new side of festivals. It’s a mix of fun and discovery at every turn.

Music Lineup and Performances

The festival shines with its music, focusing on underground electronic beats. It even pays homage to Metallica’s album “Master of Puppets,” which changed thrash metal in the US in 19867. You can feel the festival’s passion for underground music all around.

Art Installations and Exhibitions

Its art scene brings a magical vibe, with pieces by famous artists like Sonya Clark8. Their works are known globally and add a unique touch to the festival. These creative spaces deepen your festival experience, making you feel more connected to the theme.

MoDem Festival: Immersing in Nature and Psytrance

In Croatia’s lush forests lies the MoDem Festival. It combines deep, immersive Psytrance with stunning natural surroundings. Renowned for its Psy and Forest Psy Trance, it gives a full-on sensory adventure.

MoDem Festival and transcendental festivals

The Unique Atmosphere of MoDem

MoDem Festival has a magical vibe that stands out among festivals. With nature all around, you’re in a world that fits the rhythmic beats of Psytrance perfectly. The setting in Croatia’s greenery adds to the vibe, making it feel like a spiritual retreat.

Music and Performances at MoDem

MoDem is famous for its top DJs and live acts in Psy and Forest Psy Trance. Cutting-edge sound technology makes the music feel even more powerful. This mix of music and nature stirs the spirit and connects everyone there.

Events like the Spiritual Dance Festival and Psychedelic Experience Festival also draw big crowds, showing the love for these experiences9.

Additional Activities and Experiences

MoDem isn’t just about music. It offers workshops on spiritual growth and wellness. It also has art installations and spaces that help you connect with your surroundings and others. This all promotes a sense of community and personal change.

Similar events, like Burning Nest and the Space of Love Festival, also focus on holistic activities. They show a global interest in transformation through experiences like MoDem9.

Fusion Festival: Connecting Cultures Through Music and Arts

Fusion Festival takes place in Lärz, Germany. It’s held in a former military airport, offering a unique experience to all. This gathering celebrates music, arts, and a countercultural spirit.

The event transcends boundaries through various festivities. From cosmic and spiritual festivals to divine celebrations, it’s a place where cultures meet.

The Origins of Fusion Festival

Fusion Festival began as a beacon of countercultural expression and creativity. It started in an old military base, blending history with modern, avant-garde art. Soon, it became a global hub of creativity.

The festival is a mix of different cultures. Artists and visitors from around the world come together to share their music and art.

Fusion Festival cosmic festivals

Genres and Performances

Fusion’s music lineup is always a surprise. This secrecy encourages visitors to explore and enjoy music they might not have heard before. Genres range from electronica to reggae, punk to jazz, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

This variety enriches the festival’s cosmic, spiritual, and divine celebrations. It’s a place where people can discover and enjoy different sounds together.

Art and Film at Fusion Festival

It’s not just about music at Fusion. The festival is also a platform for visual arts and film. People can add their own art to the celebration, creating a unique, dynamic atmosphere.

There are large art installations, interactive pieces, and a film festival. Fusion also highlights a vegetarian lifestyle, promoting sustainability and holistic living.

This ethos of sharing and connecting through culture makes Fusion Festival special. It’s a welcoming place for people to express themselves through music, art, and film. This, in turn, builds a global community that cherishes creativity and spirituality.

Ozora Festival: The Ultimate Psychedelic Tribal Gathering

The Ozora Festival started small in 1999 but has become a big deal in the world of psychedelic trance. It’s like a beacon for spiritual seekers and fans of enlightenment festivals. For many, it’s a must-visit each year, drawing in thousands with its mystique.

History and Evolution of Ozora

In 1999, it was just a gathering to celebrate a solar eclipse. Now, it’s a cultural and spiritual highlight for many10. Around 70,000 people joined in 2019, enjoying a rich mix of music, art, and community vibes11. Held on a vast estate with different landscapes, this setting adds to its magic10.

Music and Art at Ozora

At Ozora, music and art are everything, making it a full-on experience for all. Acts like Arjuna, Giuseppe, and Astrix lit up the 2019 stage11. Think:EXP mixed Pink Floyd vibes with EDM, standing out as the only live band10. Installations like the “Cat Chapel” and “Universal Mother” by Tessa Mythos left everyone in awe11. This, plus the festival’s impeccable art and wild energy, got lots of praise11.

Workshops and Healing Activities

Ozora offers a lot beyond music and art, targeting personal growth too. In 2019, the “Compass” had art therapy, lectures, and workshops to connect people11. The Wheel Of Wisdom programme helped in evolving consciousness, giving attendees something to ponder even after the festival11.

In the festival, you could explore themed areas like the Ozorian forest, all lit up in neon and UV, and sip organic teas at the Teahouse11. Another cool inclusion was “The Ozorian Prophet,” a daily paper that kept everyone in the psychedelic loop11.

ZNA Gathering: A Retro-Futuristic Psytrance Experience

The ZNA Gathering in Portugal is where old and new meet in perfect harmony. It’s the ultimate celebration for trance fans of all ages. The event takes place by the stunning Montargil Lake, making it even more special. At the festival, you’ll dance under the stars, surrounded by beautiful nature.

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Location and Vibe of ZNA Gathering

Every two years, the ZNA Gathering brings its magic to Montargil Lake. Known for its beautiful setting and lively vibe, it’s a must-visit for anyone in the trance scene. The festival’s spot by the lake is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy music and nature together.

Music and Performances

The ZNA Gathering is all about top-notch trance music from the 90s till now2. You’ll get to see legends like X-DREAM and ManMadeMan, alongside many other great acts12. Their music turns the festival into a vibrant sound painting that you can’t help but dance to.

Art and Workshops

There’s more than music at ZNA. Art and workshops add a special touch. You can try out relaxing activities like massages and join in on wellness sessions. This mix of art and well-being turns the festival into a place where you can find peace and creativity.

VooV Festival: A Historical Trance Celebration

VooV Festival started in 1991 and has since become a top enlightenment fest in Europe. Located in Putlitz, Germany, its “Field of Joy” sets the stage for mystical happenings and trance music. It has enchanted crowds with its vibe for over 30 years13.

The Growth of VooV Festival

In the late 70s, a psychedelic wave hit music, made popular by bands like Echo & The Bunnymen. This trend continued into the 90s with groups like The Flaming Lips and Super Fury Animals13. VooV Festival began in 1991, riding this surge and it quickly became a key event for those into spiritual retreats. It’s a place where people immerse themselves in mind-expanding experiences13.

Music and Dance at VooV

The festival is a mix of psychedelic, indie, folk, and electro sounds13. It continues the legacy of bands like The Beatles and Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett. With over 100 acts expected, the festival’s atmosphere is set to be truly magical14.

Workshops and Relaxation Activities

There’s more than music at VooV. It offers workshops, yoga, and other relaxing activities. At the Hadra Trance Festival, two stages hosted over 100 acts, supporting local and new talent. VooV focuses on a well-rounded, transformative experience14.

Today, VooV Festival stands as a beacon of spiritual and creative energy, with every aspect designed to leave a lasting, mystical impression on its visitors.

Antaris Project Festival: Celebrating Psychedelic Culture

Germany’s Antaris Project Festival is a top event in electronic music, known for its lively atmosphere and diverse acts. This festival brings together music, art, and spiritual elements, becoming a key event in the trance scene.

The Essence of Antaris Project

The festival takes place in the Westhavelland Nature Park, offering a unique look into the psychedelic culture. It features colourful decorations and a bustling dinge market. These elements celebrate togetherness and transformation among fans of trance music.

Music and Activities

In 2023, the fest runs from 23rd to 26th June, presenting Goa and Psytrance across two stages. It aims to please everyone’s music taste. Each day, the music and performances combine to create an atmosphere that feels like a spiritual event.

The 2022 event happened from 14th to 18th July, still keeping its status in the electronic music world2. Enjoying both modern and old school trance, it remains a hub for fans of these genres.

The Spiritual Circle Experience

Central to the festival is the Spiritual Circle, a peaceful spot for thinking and mindfulness. Here, attendees can relax and meditate within the festival’s excitement. These moments of calm and support help build deeper connections and self-reflection, highlighting the event’s focus on peace and spirituality.


Across the globe, spiritual festivals show the human spirit’s quest. They are about connecting and growing. In Jodhpur, the Sacred Spirit Festival brings together people from many countries. They enjoy ancient music that goes beyond differences15.

The Envision Festival in Costa Rica mixes music, art, and care for the Earth. This blend creates changes in people. Ireland’s spiritual events celebrate deep traditions. They show the island’s magical nature through music, retreats, and local ways15.

Féile na Bealtaine on the Dingle Peninsula shows the community’s spirit. It brings together many people in a lively way16. The Brigid 1500 in Ireland is also special. It features top artists, unique art, and a global moment of peace17.

These events—old or new—keep inspiring and uniting us worldwide. They help us grow in understanding and open our hearts. Music, art, and experiences at these festivals speak a universal soul language.


What is the main focus of spiritual festivals around the world?

Spiritual festivals bring together music, art, and spiritual practices. They aim to connect people, help them grow, and feel a sense of something greater.

What makes psychedelic festivals unique?

Psychedelic festivals are a mix of music, art, and spiritual growth. They help people on a journey of self-discovery and happiness.These events are filled with vibrant stages, peaceful gardens, and places to shop. This makes the experience rich and varied.

Can you tell us about the Psychedelic Experience Festival?

The Psychedelic Experience Festival marks “20 Years of Psychedelic Experience” in Germany. It lasts 70 hours with music, art, and workshops in a beautiful location known for its lakes.

What is the Sacred Spirit Festival in Jodhpur known for?

The Sacred Spirit Festival in Jodhpur focuses on ancient music and soulful sounds. It draws thousands of people and breaks down cultural walls. This makes it a deeply spiritual event.

What unique features does the Envision Festival in Costa Rica offer?

The Envision Festival mixes music, art, and love for our planet. It includes healing sessions and music that energises. It’s a place to meet others who think alike, for a deep and moving experience.

What can one expect from spiritual festivals in Ireland?

In Ireland, these festivals reflect its natural beauty and old stories. You’ll find calm places, traditional music, and lively cultural events. They offer a special kind of spiritual journey.

What highlights can attendees expect from the Masters of Puppets festival in the Czech Republic?

Masters of Puppets in the Czech Republic is all about underground electronic music. It lasts for days with art, good food, and a focus on helping your mind stay balanced.

What is the atmosphere like at the MoDem Festival in Croatia?

MoDem Festival in Croatia is famed for its Psytrance music and stunning nature. It’s a heaven for fans, with top quality music and decor. The setting in the forest adds to the experience.

What distinguishes the Fusion Festival in Germany?

Fusion Festival in Germany is not your usual music event. It combines art and film with a green, countercultural vibe. Plus, it’s all about people coming together and sharing.

How has the Ozora Festival in Hungary evolved over time?

Ozora Festival grew from a small gathering to a big, diverse event in Hungary. It’s full of music, art, and activities that help you connect with others and the world around you.

What is the atmosphere of ZNA Gathering in Portugal like?

ZNA Gathering in Portugal has a unique, retro-futuristic feel. It’s by a beautiful lake and offers cool dance areas, healing sessions, and a welcome for families. Perfect for trance fans.

How has the VooV Festival in Germany grown over the years?

VooV Festival has been a top choice for trance lovers since 1991. It takes place in a field of joy, with music, workshops, and relaxation activities. It’s all about the good vibes.

What can visitors expect from the Antaris Project Festival in Germany?

The Antaris Project Festival in Germany is loved for its lively energy and global music. There are two dance areas, a space for quiet thought, and a sense of community. It’s a celebration of psychedelic life.

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Healing Spirit festival takes place at Drummany Spirit, Milltown, Cavan, Ireland on the 4rd to 5th August 2024. Our festival is run by our small community group, Drummany Spirit, is family and child friendly and is alcohol and drug free. This boutique festival features a large lineup of live music, plus a large array of holistic events and practices including sweat lodges, yoga classes, movement meditation (ecstatic dance), pranayama/breathwork, meditation; plus alternative healing and therapies, crafts, art, drumming circles and talks by leading authorities on personal and spiritual growth, sustainability, conscious living, and healing.

We are set on beautiful sacred land overlooking Lough Oughter in Cavan. Drummany Spirit is a community group which hosts the festival each year. 2024 is our third year running the festival and it's been a major success so far with new friends from across Ireland and abroad attending. You can see the festival lineup here, see photos from previous years here and you can get tickets here (note: the festival has very limited capacity and is almost sold out) .