Olwen Pendred

Olwen Pendred | Drummany Spirit
About Olwen Pendred

We are delighted to announce the return of Olwen Pendred to Healing Spirit Festival. Olwen is a Bean Feasa of the Irish mystery tradition and a Priestess of Danu.

She works with the land of Ireland, both in this world and the Otherworld. She works with both individuals and groups, facilitating rituals, celebrations and journeys of discovery. The wisdom gained assists in balance, healing and the restoration of personal power. In a time when it is easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed by the challenges we face, she teaches the art of grounding ourselves in the land, to celebrate its sacredness and sovereignty, as well as our own.

Olwen says “The wisdom we gain from our work assists not only ourselves, but also our communities and our environment. By tending to our own skills and wellbeing, we empower ourselves to become agents of change in our own lives and families, as well as in our society.

Each of us has a special gift and a particular insight. If we share with an open heart, holding space for each other, giving and receiving freely, we can build a web of connection which will sustain and inspire us all.

We are so looking forward to standing in ceremony with all of you.