Holistic festivals Northern Ireland

Holistic Festivals in Northern Ireland: Embrace Nature

Did you know holistic festivals in Northern Ireland, such as Hidden Hearth, offer much more than just a celebration of seasons? They introduce people to a mix of arts, community vibes, and caring for the environment. Through these events, we can connect with others, value our planet, and join in sessions that boost our own capabilities and understandings about the climate.

These events also remind us of something crucial – the link between our health and the Earth’s well-being. They motivate us to find ways to support the planet on a personal and group level. This is part of what makes these gatherings so special and critical right now.

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Key Takeaways

  • Holistic festivals in Northern Ireland embrace nature and community spirit.
  • Events like Hidden Hearth mark the transition from brighter to darker months.
  • Participants can enjoy arts, forge connections, and celebrate the environment.
  • Workshops focus on empowerment and climate action.
  • Festivals highlight the interdependence of human health with planet health.

Introduction to Holistic Festivals in Northern Ireland

Holistic festivals in Northern Ireland are getting more popular. People are looking for ways to get involved in the arts, think about life, and grow personally as the year goes by. These events let people dive into activities that are good for them and the planet. They include mindfulness gatherings, spiritual events, and wellness celebrations.

The Growing Popularity of Holistic Festivals

The interest in holistic festivals in Northern Ireland is clear. Many events focus on different art forms and ways to think deeply. The Music and Mind Festival, already in its third year, shows that people are really enjoying these events1. Between June and October last year, festivals in places like Glendree and Dublin really added to this trend2.

These festivals bring together people from all over and offer lots to do1. You can enjoy things like yoga, drum circles, and walks, along with deeper activities like meditation and seminars2. This mix is perfect for looking after both body and mind together.

Mindfulness gatherings NI

What to Expect at These Festivals

At these festivals, there’s something for everyone. The Music and Mind Festival lasts three days and combines music, poetry, and meditation. This makes it interesting for many people1. On August 26th, the Methodist Church is holding a family day with games and fun for all ages1.

On the same day, McMaster’s Butchers are having a barbecue to help a good cause1. These events are not just about watching. You can also take part in over 60 different classes and workshops. There are even free yoga classes to join2. And don’t miss the chance to look into psychic services like Tarot2.

In the end, these festivals are all about bringing people together and learning from each other1. They mix mindfulness, spiritual, and wellness activities to help everyone feel stronger and better. It’s a big win for both local and global well-being.

Hidden Hearth: A Festival of Community and Connection

Hidden Hearth is more than a festival. It’s a celebration of community and connection. It marks the shift from brighter to darker seasons with creativity and arts. Everyone who comes can enjoy a wide range of experiences.

Celebrate the Arts and Creativity

Hidden Hearth shines with all kinds of art and creativity. Expect to see music, art, poetry, and crafts at the festival. These activities help show off local talent and bring people together. The festival happens each year in November and February since 2013, making those months special. The edition in Autumn 2018 was on Saturday, 3rd November. It stands out from other fairs in Belfast for its dedication to the arts. Alternative fairs Belfast

Empowerment and Climate Action Workshops

This festival also holds workshops for empowerment and climate action. These aim to inspire people to help the planet. Activities range from learning about nature to planting trees. Hidden Hearth doesn’t just boost individual power but also supports eco-friendly events in Down. It hit its fourth year in February 2018, becoming a key gathering for creativity and green action3.

Mindfulness Gatherings in the Scenic Mourne Mountains

The Mourne Mountains in County Down are a beautiful place for mindfulness events. The view extends far, even to Dublin and Scotland, creating an amazing environment for quiet reflection. Imagine yourself among these tall granite tors, excellent for anyone liking meditation or yoga retreats.

yoga gatherings Fermanagh

Looking to enjoy nature and wellness? Consider the Green Holiday Cottages at the Mountains’ base. These top-quality cottages are great for stays and activities like wellness retreats. They’re near secluded rivers and walking paths, perfect for a quiet getaway4.

Guests can enjoy locally caught fish and vegetarian meals, adding to their wellbeing trip4. With these offerings in such a lovely setting, the Mourne Mountains are the best for peaceful events. They’re just right for Armagh’s meditation groups and for those from Fermanagh keen on yoga and healing.

Spiritual Events in the Heart of Ulster

Northern Ireland is known for its stunning beauty, inspiring artists and musicians for years. It’s the muse of poets like Seamus Heaney and musicians like Van Morrison. The area is perfect for diving into one’s spirituality with its lush landscapes and peaceful settings. Holistic festivals in Northern Ireland have also become key in finding oneself and seeking mindfulness.

Seamus Heaney and Van Morrison’s Inspirations

Figures like Seamus Heaney and Van Morrison were deeply impacted by Northern Ireland’s natural beauty. Their writings and music reflect the wonder and mystique of the local nature. By joining mindfulness gatherings in these special places, you can experience cultural and personal growth in a unique way.

The Mystical Surroundings of Northern Ireland

Places like the Giant’s Causeway and Lough Neagh offer a mystical spiritual setting in Northern Ireland. These spots aren’t just pretty; they’re ideal for deep thinking and mindfulness too. When used for mindfulness events and holistic festivals, these settings make for an especially calming and reflective experience.

Mindfulness gatherings NI

Wellness Celebrations in Derry and Beyond

Wellness celebrations in Derry mix holistic practices with the area’s beauty. There are 4645 things linked to wellness in Derry and nearby places. This means there are lots of cool things to do5.

Visitor numbers in Northern Ireland have doubled since the Good Friday Agreement. By 2019, tourism was worth £1 billion. This shows how important wellness events are6.

Combining Natural Beauty and Holistic Practices

In Gortin Forest and the Sperrin Mountains, events let you enjoy nature. They also focus on healthy, earth-friendly living. The Gortin Forest Pollan Trail is super popular, with 113 great reviews5.

From 2002 to 2019, 32 million visitors came to Northern Ireland. They spent £7.2 billion. This shows that wellness events are really attractive6. These places let you relax, try holistic methods, and see the Sperrin Mountains’ history.

wellness celebrations Derry

The Glenross self-catering in Belleek is great for a long stay. It has four bedrooms. You can use it to visit cool natural spots and join wellness activities5.

Places in Northern Ireland are perfect for those wanting a break and to connect with nature. The 113 reviews for Brownlow House Tea Room in Lurgan show how much people love these serene places5.

Alternative Fairs in Belfast: Embrace New Perspectives

In Belfast, there are many unique fairs that focus on new ideas for keeping healthy and looking after the planet. These events have fun workshops and activities that help you think in new ways and make you feel more powerful. One amazing fair, the Imagine! Belfast festival project, got 300 great ideas about making places better and helping communities grow in March 2021. It shows how creative Belfast is7.

These fairs also got a lot of attention from the media, appearing on shows like BBC Radio Ulster’s Good Morning Ulster and Talkback. This shows the city is really serious about living in a way that’s good for everyone and the Earth7. Belfast’s alternative fairs are perfect for getting involved in activities that help your mind and spirit while also being kind to the environment.

There are big projects in Belfast that are all about people working together to make the city better. These include things like choosing how money is spent, making more places with nature, and building homes that focus on sharing. These efforts show how much the locals care about where they live7. Going to these alternative fairs lets individuals grow but also helps everyone work together to do big things for our planet.

Alternative fairs Belfast

Holistic Retreats by the Glens of Antrim

Holistic retreats by the Glens of Antrim, in Northern Ireland, let you dive deep into nature. These glens were praised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty back in 1988. They act as a peaceful setting for many activities that help you refresh8.

Holistic retreats Antrim

Rejuvenating Activities in Nature

The Glens of Antrim are a gem for their beautiful landscapes, with Glenariff leading the pack. It’s known as the “Queen of the Glens” and is a favourite spot for many8. People also meet for yoga in Fermanagh, finding peace near waterfalls and quiet woods. The Moyle Way walk shows off great views and a lot of history via its 26 miles8.

If you’re looking for adventure, check out the Antrim Plateau. It’s made up mostly of basalt rocks from ancient volcanic activity. Walk through Glencloy, with its famous waterfalls and spots where they filmed Game of Thrones. Or you could discover the past at Glenballyeamon’s old railway station. Everywhere you go, you’ll find something to make the day special8.

Connecting with the Earth’s Elements

In Antrim, these holistic retreats help not just your body but also your spirit feel in tune with the Earth. The peace offered at Glenarm Castle and Gardens, once home to the McDonnells, is special8. Doing yoga in Fermanagh deepens your peace, making you feel part of nature.

These retreats show us how to really see the beauty of nature. Imagine travelling the Causeway Coastal Route for a few days, with its amazing seasides. By enjoying Antrim’s holistic treats, we get a fresh view on our bond with Earth. They help heal, bring peace, and make us feel well overall8.

To learn more and get ready for your retreat, visit Exploring the Glens of Antrim.

Eco-conscious Festivals: Connecting with Nature in County Down

Joining eco-conscious festivals in County Down can draw you closer to the area’s natural beauty. Places like the Mourne Mountains and Rathlin Island invite visitors to slow down and be mindful. They highlight eco-therapy and mindfulness, which can lower stress and boost well-being9. These festivals blend activities that revitalize with efforts to protect the environment.

In County Down, there are chances to join meditation retreats in Armagh. The peaceful settings there are great for reflecting and renewing spiritually. Visitors can take part in forest bathing, meditation, and walks in nature. These activities help build a deep connection with the environment, bringing a feeling of calm and a mindful attitude9. Places like The Green Holiday Cottages and Killeavy Castle provide nature-focused treatments in stunning spots9.

eco-conscious festivals Down

These eco-conscious festivals also focus on preserving the local environment. Participants get the opportunity to help protect the area’s rich biodiversity, found especially in Northern Ireland’s seas10. Being part of these conservation projects not only adds value to our festival experience but also aids in the long-run conservation of these important habitats10.

The Sound of Silence Retreat at Xhale offers unique activities for being mindful in the midst of Northern Ireland’s natural beauty9. The approach taken by these retreats and festivals ensures people feel refreshed and inspired to live in ways that value our planet.

  • Eco-conscious festivals encourage conservation and ecotherapy9.
  • Notable venues include The Green Holiday Cottages and Killeavy Castle9.
  • Northern Ireland’s seas contain about half of the region’s biodiversity10.
  • The Sound of Silence Retreat at Xhale offers unique mindfulness activities9.


The holistic festivals in Northern Ireland bring together wellness and environmental love. Events like Hidden Hearth let us enjoy the beautiful Mourne Mountains and peaceful Glens of Antrim. This helps in celebrating well-being in Derry and other places. The sense of community, spiritual growth, and care for the environment from these events stays with us. It inspires us to live more aware and green lives.

These festivals are also big for the local economy. The Foyle Maritime Festival gave a £3.5 million boost in 2015-1611. When Derry~Londonderry hosted the Clipper Race stopover in 2018, hotels were almost full at 97%11. This shows how these festivals mix culture with money, attracting people from around the world. It highlights their great value to the local areas.

The festivals are more than just economic boosts. They also bring people together for deep conversations and joyful times. The Temple installation, for instance, brought together thousands for a whole week. It helped them share feelings of loss and remind them the strength of working together. These festivals are great for building and rebuilding the community, with positive changes for everyone involved12.

To sum up, Northern Ireland’s holistic festivals are unmatched for a mix of health, nature, and community love. They urge us to care for the earth and ourselves. By joining events like Hidden Hearth or visiting the Glens of Antrim, we learn about living in harmony with nature. These festivals make a lasting difference in how we see our world and our place in it. Let’s keep celebrating and supporting them.


What are holistic festivals in Northern Ireland?

Holistic festivals in Northern Ireland are about nature and community. They help people feel good personally and as a group. These events include art, music, workshops on being green, and ways to think about your life.

Why are holistic festivals growing in popularity in Northern Ireland?

People in Northern Ireland are realizing how our health is linked to the planet. They want ways to be both happy and green. Holistic festivals give them this chance in a fun way.

What can I expect at a holistic festival in Northern Ireland?

At one of these festivals, you’ll find music, art, and things to do with climate change. They’re all about helping you and the planet. You’ll feel part of a community that cares.

What is Hidden Hearth?

Hidden Hearth is a festival about being together as the seasons change. It offers creative things like music and poetry. You can also join workshops to help our planet.

Where can I find mindfulness gatherings in Northern Ireland?

You can find mindfulness meet-ups in beautiful places like the Mourne Mountains. They are great for relaxing and being one with nature. It’s a perfect spot for thinking and staying calm.

What makes the Mourne Mountains a popular spot for spiritual events?

The Mourne Mountains are loved for how stunning and peaceful they are. On clear days, you can see really far. This makes it a top place for deep thinking and feeling at peace.

Can you tell me about wellness celebrations in Derry?

Wellness celebrations in Derry are about feeling good in nature. They’re held in beautiful places like Gortin Glen. It’s a chance to relax and be well in a calm setting.

What are alternative fairs in Belfast?

Alternative fairs in Belfast are different and fun. They show new ways to be healthy and green. You get to join in workshops and activities that help you and nature.

What can I expect at a holistic retreat in the Glens of Antrim?

A retreat in the Glens of Antrim is all about refreshing in nature. It includes yoga, meditation, and connecting with nature. The place is lovely and peaceful, perfect for unwinding.

How do eco-conscious festivals in County Down connect with nature?

These green festivals in County Down use beautiful natural spots. They offer ways to help the environment. You can join in doing good for nature.

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Healing Spirit festival takes place at Drummany Spirit, Milltown, Cavan, Ireland on the 4rd to 5th August 2024. Our festival is run by our small community group, Drummany Spirit, is family and child friendly and is alcohol and drug free. This boutique festival features a large lineup of live music, plus a large array of holistic events and practices including sweat lodges, yoga classes, movement meditation (ecstatic dance), pranayama/breathwork, meditation; plus alternative healing and therapies, crafts, art, drumming circles and talks by leading authorities on personal and spiritual growth, sustainability, conscious living, and healing.

We are set on beautiful sacred land overlooking Lough Oughter in Cavan. Drummany Spirit is a community group which hosts the festival each year. 2024 is our third year running the festival and it's been a major success so far with new friends from across Ireland and abroad attending. You can see the festival lineup here, see photos from previous years here and you can get tickets here (note: the festival has very limited capacity and is almost sold out) .