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Ireland’s Ultimate Hippie Festival Guide 2024

Is Ireland Europe’s hidden gem for hippie culture and music festivals? In 2024, the country will be alive with exciting events. Our ultimate guide shows you the best and most vibrant hippie festivals. Ireland’s festivals mix traditional folk with techno and rock ‘n’ roll. These events offer a colourful and diverse experience, making Ireland a hotspot for hippie gatherings.

Key Takeaways

  • January kicks off with at least 7 music festivals in Ireland, including Your Roots Are Showing and TradFest.
  • February features vibrant events like The Bowie Festival and otherside Music & Arts Festival.
  • April and May boast 9 diverse festivals, from New Music Dublin to the West Wicklow Chamber Music Festival.
  • June is packed with 11 festivals, including the ever-popular Forbidden Fruit and Body & Soul.
  • Events are held across iconic venues such as Royal Hospital Kilmainham and Leopardstown Racecourse.
  • Expect ticket prices to start typically at €100 or more, with all events ensuring ticket availability at 100%.
  • Don’t miss Electric Picnic in early September, featuring huge names like LCD Soundsystem and Lana Del Rey.

Introduction to Ireland’s Hippie Festivals

Ireland’s hippie festivals mix music, arts, and culture in beautiful settings. From the small TradFest in Dublin to folk events like Your Roots Are Showing, they blend old and new arts. This makes them a key part of Ireland’s vibrant culture.

Irish hippie festival

What Makes Them Special

Ireland’s hippie festivals form a community for those who love freedom. They help make friends, celebrate creativity, and belong. The beautiful places make these events extra special, adding nature’s charm to the joy.

  • Authentic blend of music, arts, and culture
  • Diverse and inclusive community
  • Picturesque and historic settings

Overview of the 2024 Season

2024 will be a lively year for hippie festivals in Ireland. January starts with First Fortnight and more. In February, you can enjoy Brigit and Bowie festivals. March brings big events like St. Patrick’s and the Voices Festival.

In April, film and food festivals highlight Ireland’s rich culture. Dublin’s festivals continue into February. Cities across Ireland hold their own unique celebrations. This includes events like Belfast TradFest and music festivals in Cork, Galway, and Limerick.

  1. January 2024: First Fortnight, Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, TradFest
  2. February 2024: Brigit Festival, The Bowie Festival, Take Off Festival
  3. March 2024: St. Patrick’s Festival, Fingal International Festival of Voices
  4. April 2024: Catalyst International Film Festival, Waterford Festival of Food

These festivals showcase the heart of Ireland’s hippie scene. They welcome everyone to a year-round cultural adventure.

Top Hippie Festivals in Ireland for 2024

Immerse yourself in the spirit of the best hippie festival Ireland has to offer. It’s a perfect mix of music, arts, and culture.

Festival of the Hippies in Ireland

The festival of the hippies in Ireland is lively and exciting. It brings together a variety of performances and events. The Forbidden Fruit Festival boasts big names like Nelly Furtado and Groove Armada. Sea Sessions combines surf vibes with amazing music.

Beyond The Pale is a unique arts experience at Glendalough Estate. It’s a beauty to see. With so much to offer, it’s a festival you can’t miss.

Main Highlights and Attractions

In 2024, Ireland is a magnet for hippie festivals. There’s so much to enjoy. Here are the main attractions:

  • Your Roots Are Showing: Featuring over 100 live performances.
  • Music For Galway Midwinter Festival: Showcasing 3 chamber music concerts and a performance of ‘Requiem’.
  • TradFest: Bringing 100 acts performing traditional Irish music across 18 venues.
  • Imbolc International Music Festival: An 8-day event celebrating music and culture.
  • Ortús Chamber Music Festival: A 5-day celebration of classical music.
  • Trad Fest Howth: With 27 gigs and 4 headline shows.
  • AVA Festival: Marking its 10th year in 2024.
  • Longitude Festival: Happening at Marlay Park on June 29th and 30th.
  • The Galway International Arts Festival: Attracts 400,000 people over two weeks.

Galway is known as Ireland’s festival capital. It holds events like the Galway Comedy Festival. The Electric Picnic Festival celebrates its 20th year in Stradbuly. The Rose of Tralee Festival continues its tradition.

Visitors can enjoy everything from TradFest’s historic charm to the Dublin Pride Festival’s inclusive vibe. Events like Longitude, with over 40,000 fans, offer something for every hippie at heart.

Hippie Lifestyle Events Ireland

Hippie lifestyle events in Ireland are more than music. They bring together art, wellness, and community spirit. This mix offers unique chances to connect with others. It also lets people explore holistic living.

The Otherside Music & Arts Festival is a great example. It’s a multi-day event full of music, art, and dance. It’s a place where people can find unity and express themselves. Attendees join workshops and create art together. They also enjoy the natural beauty of the site.

The Body & Soul festival in Westmeath is unusual for June. It combines wellness with festival fun. There’s yoga, meditation, and eco-friendly art. This event truly embodies the hippie spirit.

In July, there’s the Earthsong’s Harvest Camp in Tipperary. It’s proud to be alcohol and drug-free. People here share music, singing, and eco actions. This shows how Irish hippie festivals can mix with caring for the Earth.

These Irish hippie festivals are must-visits for those wanting a mix of music, art, and communal fun. They show the hippie way, valuing peace, love, and connection with nature.

  1. England has many festivals in May, like Space to Emerge and Conscious Camp.
  2. June has the Eden Festival in Scotland and Gottwood Festival in Wales.
  3. July and August keep the fun going with events like the Beat-Herder Festival and the Green Gathering.

Even if not in Ireland, these events share a spirit of belonging and mindfulness. They offer a global view of how hippie festivals bring people together.

Must-Attend Hippie Gatherings in Ireland

Exploring Ireland’s winding path to its top hippie gatherings unveils unique, unforgettable adventures. The festival season launches a spectrum of events. It allows all fans to immerse in their favourite celebration of the free-spirited lifestyle these gatherings embody.

Unique Festival Experiences

The Otherside Music & Arts Festival is a standout among Ireland’s top gatherings. Located in Slane’s stunning valley, it’s a fusion of music, art, and community. With its immersive art, enriching workshops, and varied music, it’s an extraordinary experience.

Sea Sessions in Bundoran blends surf culture with music. It’s popular for its beach fun combined with music. The excitement of surf contests and live acts makes it a sought-after event.

Where to Find Them

The Otherside Music & Arts Festival in Slane is near the historic Slane Castle. This not only provides a scenic view but also an atmosphere filled with joy.

Sea Sessions in Bundoran makes great use of Ireland’s wild west coast. It mixes adventure with chilling beach times. Ireland hosts many other smaller events, each contributing to the hippie festival vibe in its unique way.

Music and Arts at Ireland’s Hippie Festivals

Ireland’s hippie festivals are a lovely mix of music and arts. They join a wide range of performances and art to make an amazing event for all.

Top Performers of 2024

In 2024, top performers will shine at Ireland’s music and arts festivals. Bell X1 and Damien Dempsey will thrill with their music. Nelly Furtado’s international touch will feature too. In Dundalk, Your Roots Are Showing will have 100 live acts.

TradFest in Dublin features 100 acts playing Irish music at 18 places. Howth’s Trad Fest adds 27 gigs over three days. The Music For Galway Midwinter Festival offers three chamber concerts and a moving ‘Requiem’. Dublin’s Forbidden Fruit Festival will spread joy over two days.

Art Installations and Exhibitions

Art shows and installations are key at Ireland’s festivals. Beyond the Pale in Glendalough mixes art, music, and food for three days. It also offers camping to boost the community feel. The Bowie Festival in Dublin marks the star with silent disco and hits over three days.

Imbolc International Music Festival in Derry lasts eight days. It blends traditional and new music with art. In Belfast, the AVA Festival has cutting-edge visual art for its tenth year.

The West Cork Chamber Music Festival in Bantry is a ten-day treat. It combines chamber music with stunning art displays. The blend of music and art at Ireland’s festivals shows their rich cultural life. They are more than just events; they are moments of change that salute Ireland’s lively art and music scene.

Camping and Accommodation Tips

Getting the full festival feel in Ireland needs smart camping and accommodation tips. For the adventurous, Ireland offers many hippie festival accommodation Ireland choices that mix comfort and style. Greenfields, for example, has luxury camping, known as glamping, perfect for a more elegant experience.

But if you’re up for mingling, the West Wicklow Chamber Music Festival is great, especially for families. It’s known for being welcoming, ensuring everyone, including kids, have the right place to stay. This way, you can enjoy the music without worries.

If you’re used to going to big festivals like Glastonbury, you already understand the power of good organisation. Key steps include:

  1. Choose a parking spot near your camping area. This reduces the distance you have to drag your stuff.
  2. Have necessary items like Travel Johns for the nights. Use a smart packing approach to deal with how far you might need to carry your things.
  3. Invest in a sturdy, waterproof tent. Brands such as Quechua are well-recommended.

Taking a trolley, though not often recommended, can make moving your things much easier. Also, don’t forget to consider your hippie festival accommodation Ireland to make sure each night is as relaxing as your days.

So, whether you pick simple camping or a more deluxe glamping, these guidelines will make your festival visit better. With 498 shares online showing these tips are popular, and with up-to-date advice available (last updated in April 2023), they’re valuable for any festival fan. By planning your hippie festival accommodation Ireland carefully and having all your necessary gear, you’re set for a fantastic time among great music and culture in 2024.

Food and Drink at Irish Hippie Festivals

Irish hippie festivals are all about great food and drink. They add to the fun and colourful vibe of the event. You can try everything from classic local dishes to new vegan and veggie meals.

Popular Vegan and Vegetarian Options

More people are asking for veggie food at Irish hippie festivals Ireland. Big events like Electric Picnic and Body & Soul are leading the way. They have tasty, planet-friendly meals.

There are also shows that teach you how to make veggie dishes. You might enjoy a big veg stew or a spicy chickpea curry.

Local Specialities to Try

Don’t miss the local tastes at Irish hippie festivals. You’ll find Ireland’s best meals at festivals such as the Kilkenny Roots Fest. They serve Irish stew, boxty, and soda bread with a modern touch.

Wine and beer from the area let you taste it all with something to drink. These events offer a full food adventure.

Festivals welcome everyone from vegans to food explorers. The food at these events makes your festival time great. It shows all the good things about Irish festivals, not just the music and vibe.

Family-Friendly Hippie Festivals

In Ireland, family-friendly hippie festivals offer a welcoming vibe. They focus on bringing people together. Festivals like Kaleidoscope have fun stuff for kids, making them perfect for families. This makes the festival culture enjoyable for everyone.

Activities for Children

Family-friendly hippie festivals in Ireland are great for kids. They have a wide range of fun activities. These include art workshops and music sessions. For example, the Earthsong Harvest Camp lasts 9 days and has 20 workshops.

Moreover, the Buddhafield Festival sees over 4000 people each year. It has lots of activities just for children. This ensures kids have a fantastic and well-rounded festival experience.

Ensuring a Safe Experience

Keeping everyone safe matters a lot at these festivals. They have special areas and rules for families. The Kaleidoscope festival works hard to keep kids safe. It shows their focus on community and togetherness.

By caring for safety and well-being, these festivals create a happy space for everyone. They’re places where families can make great memories together.

Eco-Friendly Practices at Festivals

Irish hippie festivals are leading the way in eco-friendly practices. They show a strong commitment to saving our planet. The Body & Soul festival, for example, recycled 52% of its 185 tonnes of waste last year. This is a big step towards a greener future.

Tents make up a big part of festival waste, about 40-50%. The Body & Soul festival is changing this. Its Us&You campsite is now leading the charge to reduce tent waste. Teams at the campsite help people pack, keep an eye on waste, and reward those who are eco-conscious.

Many other festivals are also making changes. Glastonbury, with almost 180,000 visitors, has a ‘leave no trace policy’. This reduces a lot of waste. Bonnaroo helped save hundreds of thousands of water bottles from landfill by selling refillable bottles. They diverted 65% of waste away from landfills in 2016.

Body & Soul was the first Irish festival to use biodiesel, even though it’s imported. They’ve won three Greener Festival awards. They hope for more support from the government in making these events greener in Ireland.

In Ireland, there are 364 festivals each year. The event sector is ready to make big environmental changes. Perhaps soon, only compostable kitchenware will be used, and plastic bottles will be banned. These events offer creative workshops, yoga, and healthy food, which encourage everyone to care for the planet.

Festivals Celebrating Irish Culture and Heritage

Ireland is known for its lively festivals that show off Irish culture and history. They include everything from traditional music to dance. In early 2024, there will be festivals all over Ireland celebrating its rich heritage.

Traditional Music and Dance

Traditional music and dance are key parts of Ireland’s festivals. Dublin’s TradFest, from January 25-29, has live shows with stars like Judy Collins and Kila. In Derry, the IMBOLC International Music Festival, starting January 28, shines a light on traditional Irish music.

The Belfast TradFest Winter Weekend, from February 24-26, is also big on music and dance. It has workshops and a festival club. These events ensure Ireland’s musical heritage stays alive and enjoyed.

Historical Significance

Ireland’s festivals often link to its history, held in places like Malahide Castle. They not only look beautiful but also honour Ireland’s past. St. Patrick’s Day events, for example, in March, let people connect with Irish history and culture.

The Catalyst International Film Festival in April also looks at history. So does the Waterford Festival of Food. These events bring together food and film, showing the deep roots of Irish culture and heritage.

Between January and April 2024, many festivals will celebrate Irish culture and heritage. They’re a great way for music fans and culture lovers to explore Ireland’s traditions. They offer a true journey into the heart of Ireland.

Preparing for a Hippie Festival in Ireland

Going to a hippie festival in Ireland is magical, but you need to get ready. It’s important to plan, no matter if you’ve been to lots of festivals or this is your first one. Good planning will really help you have a great time.

What to Pack

Packing right is key for a hippie festival in Ireland, especially with its unpredictable weather. Make sure to have clothes you can layer and rain gear. Don’t forget:

  • Extra pair of socks
  • Warm layers and rain gear
  • A hat and sunglasses
  • A durable, factory-sealed water bottle

Also remember to pack items that will make the festival more fun and keep you comfy:

  • A stadium chair for seating
  • Aspirin and other medications
  • Sunscreen to avoid sunburn
  • ATM card for convenient transactions
  • Deodorant and toiletries

Bring eco-friendly stuff to help keep the festival clean. Leave glass, open drinks, alcohol, and fire hazards at home.

Travel and Transport Tips

For the best festival travel in Ireland, think green. Use public transport or share a ride to keep the planet happy. Buses and trains also mean less worry about parking and more time for fun. Some helpful tips include:

  • Check festival websites for dedicated shuttle services
  • Consider bike rentals for short distances
  • Plan your journey in advance to avoid last-minute rushes

Get there early for easy security checks, to follow item rules, and to get a good spot. Bring a snack, earplugs, and you’re set for a great festival.

Follow these tips for an awesome, green hippie festival experience in Ireland.

Conclusion of Ireland’s Ultimate Hippie Festival Guide 2024

Ireland’s Ultimate Hippie Festival Guide 2024 takes you on a journey full of vibrant celebrations. These events mix music, arts, and culture, highlighting Ireland’s festival scene. They unite people through a shared love for various genres, just like the old Newport Jazz Festival.

These gatherings evolve, reflecting the broad range of music tastes. They feature rock, blues, jazz, and pop, much like New Zealand’s Nambassa. With outstanding sound systems, thanks to pioneers like Bill Hanley, the music hits new levels of clarity.

These festivals offer more than music, embracing sustainability and safety. They follow eco-friendly steps and ensure everyone’s well-being. Inspirations from events like the Reading and Leeds Festivals mark their dedication to safety.

From May 13th to October 9th, 2023, these festivals will light up with top acts, beautiful installations, and delicious food. It’s a journey through music and culture, showcasing the best of Ireland’s festival scene.


What makes Ireland’s hippie festivals special?

Ireland’s hippie festivals bring together music, arts, and culture. They let you dive into authentic experiences. All this happens in beautiful places and historical spots.

What are some of the main highlights and attractions of Ireland’s hippie festivals in 2024?

Forbidden Fruit will feature Nelly Furtado and Groove Armada. Sea Sessions mixes surfing with music. Beyond The Pale offers a mix of arts.

Which festivals are must-attend gatherings for enthusiasts in Ireland?

Key events include Otherside Music & Arts Festival in Slane. Also, Sea Sessions in Bundoran is a must-visit.

What can attendees expect from hippie lifestyle events in Ireland?

These events are not just about music. They also celebrate art, wellness, and community. They offer a few days of dancing, art, and making friends.

Who are the top performers at Ireland’s hippie festivals in 2024?

Big acts are Bell X1, Damien Dempsey, and Nelly Furtado from overseas.

Are there camping and accommodation options available at these festivals?

Yes, there are. You can choose from boutique glamping at places like Greenfields. Or pick family-friendly stays at events like the West Wicklow Chamber Music Festival.

What food and drink options can festival-goers expect?

There will be local favourites with a modern twist. And many options for those who are vegan or vegetarian.

Are there family-friendly hippie festivals in Ireland?

Yes, there are. Festivals like Kaleidoscope offer plenty for children and are safe for all.

How are Irish hippie festivals embracing eco-friendly practices?

They are going green. This means efforts to reduce waste and use renewable energy. They aim to lower their impact on the environment.

How do festivals celebrate Irish culture and heritage?

Events like TradFest focus on traditional music and dance. They are often set in historic places like Malahide Castle and Derry’s Cultural Quarter.

What should I pack for a hippie festival in Ireland?

Take adaptable clothes for any weather. Pack eco-friendly items to help the festival stay green.

What are the best travel and transport tips for attending these festivals?

Go for eco-friendly travel. This means using public transport or sharing a car. It helps keep the festivals eco-friendly.

Healing Spirit festival takes place at Drummany Spirit, Milltown, Cavan, Ireland on the 4rd to 5th August 2024. Our festival is run by our small community group, Drummany Spirit, is family and child friendly and is alcohol and drug free. This boutique festival features a large lineup of live music, plus a large array of holistic events and practices including sweat lodges, yoga classes, movement meditation (ecstatic dance), pranayama/breathwork, meditation; plus alternative healing and therapies, crafts, art, drumming circles and talks by leading authorities on personal and spiritual growth, sustainability, conscious living, and healing.

We are set on beautiful sacred land overlooking Lough Oughter in Cavan. Drummany Spirit is a community group which hosts the festival each year. 2024 is our third year running the festival and it's been a major success so far with new friends from across Ireland and abroad attending. You can see the festival lineup here, see photos from previous years here and you can get tickets here (note: the festival has very limited capacity and is almost sold out) .