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Discover Kinsale’s Best Food Festivals 2023

Get ready to dive into a celebration of food in Kinsale. It’s been named the top place for food lovers by the Restaurant Association of Ireland. You’ll find everything from local seafood to dishes from around the world. This year, Kinsale promises an amazing selection of foodie festivals. Come with us and explore the top gourmet events in 2023.

Key Takeaways

  • Indulge in the 32nd International Gourmet Festival in Kinsale from 10 – 12 October, featuring diverse culinary experiences1.
  • Experience cookery demonstrations, a French market, and wine tastings at the Kinsale Gourmet Festival1.
  • Discover the fresh, locally sourced ingredients such as Dublin Bay Prawns and artisan cheeses like Gubbeen in Kinsale’s festivals1.
  • Explore the global cuisines and traditional Irish dishes showcased at Kinsale 2023 foodie festivals1.
  • Relish the gastronomic journey that awaits at Kinsale gastronomic events 20231.


Kinsale – Ireland’s Foodie Town

Kinsale is a charming town on Ireland’s Cork coast, famous for its top-notch food scene. It blends tradition, creativity, and fresh local foods into every meal.

This place is a hit with anyone who loves good food. From laid-back fish and chips to places with Michelin stars, there’s something for everyone. It’s also known for the finest seafood in Ireland. This is shown through many food festivals that highlight its rich food history.

Kinsale foodie experience

Kinsale Food Tours offer three special experiences2: The Town Food Tour, the Foraging and Picnic Tour, and the Private Yacht Picnic Charter2. The Town Food Tour takes 2.5 hours2, showcasing the best dining spots. The Foraging and Picnic Tour is about 2 to 2.5 hours, with the picnic spot picked based on the tides2. For a premium outing, there’s the Private Yacht Picnic Charter lasting 3 to 4 hours2. It can book up fast, so check Kinsale Food Tours’ site for the latest on availability and prices2.

Kinsale shines as Ireland’s Foodie Town for good reason. Its scenery, homegrown produce, and creative chefs combine for an unforgettable food experience. This is why Kinsale’s food events are big draws, inviting people to enjoy its outstanding cuisine.

The success of its food journey lies in teamwork between farmers, fishermen, and chefs. They all focus on top-quality, local ingredients to keep Kinsale a top choice for foodies.

Exploring Kinsale is a true eye-opener for anyone who enjoys great food. It sparks a love for the town’s unique food culture.

The love for food in Kinsale goes beyond just eating out. At Kinsale Food Tours, you get to taste and learn about its food history. It’s clear from each tour that Kinsale’s food scene is a key part of its identity.

Kinsale Gourmet Festival 2023

Discover the history and charm of the Kinsale Gourmet Festival. It’s a major event that blends local and international food delights. This year marks the 32nd festival, and it will be full of exciting cookery shows and famous food lovers.

This festival brings together local stars like Pearse O’Sullivan and Ross Lewis. They will share their culinary skills, making the event even more special.

History and Significance

The Kinsale Gourmet Festival began in 1976 by the Kinsale Good Food Circle, and it is a significant event in the town’s year. Focused on top-quality food, the festival is about to celebrate its 39th edition, showing its long and rich history. Many people from around the world come to enjoy its food, including those from the US and Canada, making it truly international3.

Every year, this event blends tradition with new ideas, drawing upon Kinsale’s unique culture. This special mix keeps the festival exciting and relevant year after year.

Event Highlights

The festival starts with a special champagne event and a ‘Taste of West Cork’ dinner for €55 on Friday3. On the same day, there’s the Cork Heat of the All-Ireland Chowder Cook-Off, a fun contest with a prize.

Saturday brings the Mad Hatter’s Taste of Kinsale, a quirky food tour. It is backed by Musgrave MarketPlace, spicing up the weekend3. Finally, Sunday wraps it up with a seafood luncheon, offering a full taste experience.

Special Guests

The Kinsale Gourmet Festival is honoured by top chefs every year. This time, we’re excited to have Pearse O’Sullivan and Ross Lewis with us. They bring their culinary magic to the festival, raising the enjoyment for everyone.

Their visit highlights the festival’s commitment to top standards and creativity, leaving a lasting impression on all visitors.

Kinsale culinary festival highlights

Event Date Details
Champagne Reception Friday, 6th October Opening event with a festive atmosphere and gourmet canapés.
All-Ireland Chowder Cook-Off Friday, 6th October Competition with seafood chowder crafted by renowned chefs.
Mad Hatter’s Taste of Kinsale Saturday, 7th October Foodie walking tour with whimsical elements and local bites.
Fruits de Mer Luncheon Sunday, 8th October 4-course seafood luncheon sponsored by notable local brands.

The Return of Moet & Chandon Kinsale Restaurant Week

The Moet & Chandon Kinsale Restaurant Week is back, joining great food with top-notch champagne. It’s held in the beautiful Kinsale, giving everyone a chance to enjoy amazing meals. And with Moet & Chandon being the champagne partner, diners are in for a special treat.

Moet Chandon restaurant week Kinsale

Participating Restaurants

This time, eleven top restaurants are taking part, such as The Bulman and Fishy Fishy4. These choices reflect Kinsale’s diverse food scene, offering something for everyone4.

Special Menus and Offers

During the event, you can enjoy fancy two-course meals for just €28 from February 20th to 24th4. Each place has its own special dishes paired with Moet & Chandon’s bubbly5. It’s a great chance to try different dishes while saving money. To join in, simply contact the restaurants directly45.

The Kinsale Good Food Circle has been running since 1976, creating food events like this annually4. Kinsale, honoured as Ireland’s top Foodie Town in 2018, keeps growing as a food hotspot4. This just adds to the town’s charm as a top place for fantastic food.

Upcoming Culinary Events by Kinsale Good Food Circle

The Kinsale Good Food Circle brings together a mix of fantastic food events. These activities highlight the love for excellent food in Kinsale. You’ll find everything from big street feasts to competitions like chowder cook-offs. There’s plenty for both big and little food lovers to join in.

Kinsale Street Feast

The joyous Kinsale Street Feast happens each year, bringing people together. Here, guests can try many delicious dishes. It’s an amazing mix of good food and lively fun that Kinsale is known for.

Kinsale Kids Kitchen Takeover

The Kinsale Kids Kitchen Takeover is special as it lets children cook and be creative. It’s more than just learning to cook; it’s a chance for young ones to play with food. This fun and interactive event helps shape our future chefs.

All Ireland Chowder Competition

The All Ireland Chowder Competition is a big deal in Kinsale’s food calendar. Chefs from all over Ireland show off their chowder skills here. It highlights Kinsale’s spot in Ireland’s rich food tradition.

Kinsale Street Feast

This year, Kinsale’s 32nd International Gourmet Festival will be from 10 – 12 October. It’s a must-visit for food fans worldwide. The festival includes cooking demos and a market that brings a touch of France to Short Quay1. Since 1976, the Kinsale Good Food Circle has been dedicated to showcasing top-notch food4.

Come and experience the great food culture at Kinsale Good Food Circle’s events.

Mad Hatter’s Taste of Kinsale

Get ready to be spellbound by the Mad Hatter’s Taste of Kinsale on October 14th. This special event will immerse you in Kinsale’s food scene. Join a guided tour that will highlight the top food spots in town.

Event Details

The Mad Hatter’s Taste of Kinsale, backed by Musgrave MarketPlace, is a must-visit event. Expect to explore Kinsale’s culinary delights, meet amazing characters, and taste local treats. 11 top Kinsale restaurants will be part of the event, offering a wide variety of flavours3.

This event is a main feature of the Kinsale Gourmet Festival, pulling in 5,000 guests every year6. It shows Kinsale’s love for great food and its drive for top-quality dining6. The celebration is both fun and a sign of Kinsale’s prestige as a food hotspot.

Mad Hatters Taste of Kinsale details

Guest Experience

The Mad Hatter’s event mixes food delights with a quirky theme. Participants will visit four venues during the day6. This mix of good food and fun ambiance, inspired by the Mad Hatter, is a major draw.

From the start, visitors are welcomed by colourful characters and great food. The whole experience is filled with joy, fun, and of course, amazing food.

Expect a day full of food adventures and pleasant surprises. It’s a great chance to experience Kinsale’s food culture. A day spent here promises memories that will last a lifetime6.

Why Kinsale’s Food Festivals Are Unmissable

Kinsale’s food festivals mix local love with global tastes. They’re truly unmissable events. The 34th festival will run from 8th to 10th October. It shows the town’s big party for food7. Kinsale is famous in Ireland for its food, thanks to its top-notch restaurants and fresh goods8. More than just food, the festivals are about sharing Kinsale’s tasty treats with fans.

Unique Kinsale food festivals

The Farmgate Café has been serving for 25 years, a symbol of Kinsale’s food story7. O’Mahony the butchers, now in their third generation, also highlight this long food tradition7. Visit Kinsale’s foodie fests to taste it all. They offer everything from international foods at Kay O’Connell’s stall to the Michelin-recognized Fishy Fishy Café7. With so much variety, every visitor finds something special, making their food journey in Kinsale amazing.

Kinsale’s food scene warmly welcomes everyone. From high-end food lovers to those wanting a quiet break, the town has it all7. Places like The Spaniard pub, with its snug feel, and The Harbour Bar’s laid-back vibe, make the food scene even better8. Then there are the historic spots adding cultural charm, like Charles Fort. They make Kinsale’s food festivals truly unique and worth visiting9.

These festivals are key for any food fan’s plans. You can enjoy fancy meals at places like The Pier One Restaurant or taste traditional Irish at Jim Edwards7. Kinsale’s food events offer a mix of seafood, gourmet dishes, and homegrown goods. It’s a culinary journey that will stay with you, making Kinsale a top destination to visit.

Food Festivals in Kinsale

Step into Kinsale’s lively food festival scene and enjoy unique celebrations for every taste. The 32nd Kinsale Gourmet Festival in 2023 will draw food lovers worldwide to try its special dishes1. As the gastronomic capital of Ireland, Kinsale’s culinary heritage shines brightly during these events1.

Kinsale features a variety of food festivals. Among them, the Kinsale Kids Kitchen Takeover and the All Ireland Chowder Competition are highlights. They bring people together, letting all visitors, young and old, enjoy Kinsale’s famous cuisine.

Kinsale Food Festival schedule

The list of Kinsale’s 2023 food events includes the Mad Hatter’s Taste of Kinsale. It’s a unique food journey with fun themes and gourmet dishes. This event allows everyone a chance to discover Kinsale’s top culinary experiences. These festivals prove that Kinsale is a top food destination, showcasing its diverse food culture.

Here’s a table of key food festivals in Kinsale along with their schedules:

Festival Name Schedule
Kinsale Gourmet Festival October 13-15, 2023
Mad Hatter’s Taste of Kinsale October 14, 2023
Kinsale Kids Kitchen Takeover Various dates in 2023
All Ireland Chowder Competition April 9, 2023

To wrap up, Kinsale’s food festival agenda for 2023 promises something for everyone. Whether you cherish old food traditions or seek new culinary adventures, Kinsale’s festivals showcase its lively food culture. This makes Kinsale a must-visit place for those passionate about food.

Locally Sourced Ingredients and Sustainable Practices

Kinsale shines with its food festivals, showing their love for the planet and local ingredients. These festivals put on display amazing foods like Dublin Bay Prawns, fresh seafood, and top-notch cheeses like Gubbeen and Cashel Blue.

Locally sourced ingredients Kinsale

One memorable event in Kinsale was a talk where four experts spoke about using eco-friendly food sources10. This chat was a big hit, with a whole 100% of guests showing they cared about green eating10.

The talk gave great points for about 45 minutes on why what Kinsale is doing is important10. Each ticket was €45, but they sold out fast thanks to the interest10. Plus, everyone got to enjoy a delicious two-course lunch as part of the package10.

Kinsale’s food celebrations really show off Ireland’s food wealth. By pushing for green food choices, Kinsale makes its food scene more inviting. And, it backs local farmers and helps the earth at the same time.

Thinking green is more than just talking. The famous Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival now hosts more events. It shows how the interest in eco-friendly food is growing in Kinsale and other places. These events mix old and new ways to take care of our planet.


Thinking about Kinsale’s exciting events for 2023, it’s easy to see why it’s loved by those who enjoy good food. The Kinsale Gourmet Festival is celebrating its 40th year. It shows the town’s dedication to top-quality food and new ideas11. The 10th Kinsale Arts Festival brings everyone together with fun and lots of yummy food, showing Kinsale as a place of joy and togetherness12.

Kinsale is big on using local, sustainable ingredients. It really cares about what people eat and how it affects the environment. You can tell they care from the range of fresh foods you can find, such as just-caught seafood and special cheeses11. Mixing old traditions with new ideas makes Kinsale a must-visit for food lovers11.

From hosting a big flower event in 1987 to now being a centre for international food celebrations, Kinsale has come a long way11. They are serious about using nearby foods that are in season. Their 2023 festivities show this commitment12.

To sum up, whether you like the fun of the Mad Hatter’s Taste or learning to cook with others, Kinsale is not just a place to visit. It’s a whole experience for food lovers. The excitement for 2023’s food, traditions, and new ideas makes Kinsale a top spot to be this coming year.


What is the Kinsale Gourmet Festival?

The Kinsale Gourmet Festival celebrates great food in Kinsale. It’s been happening for 32 years. You’ll see chefs like Pearse O’Sullivan and Ross Lewis. It also has cooking shows and food from around the world.

When is the Mad Hatter’s Taste of Kinsale 2023?

The Mad Hatter’s Taste of Kinsale will be on October 14, 2023. This fun event includes a tour of Kinsale’s best food. You’ll meet interesting characters from the town and try local treats.

What is the focus of the Moet & Chandon Kinsale Restaurant Week?

The focus is on great food and champagne. It runs in eleven top restaurants in Kinsale. They offer special two-course meals. It’s a chance to have a unique foodie experience.

What events are hosted by the Kinsale Good Food Circle?

They host lots of food events. This includes the Kinsale Street Feast and a special where kids take over the kitchen. There’s also the All Ireland Chowder Competition. These events show off Kinsale’s exciting food scene.

Why are Kinsale’s food festivals considered unmissable?

Kinsale’s food events are all about loving food, using local produce, and sharing food from around the world. Each fest has its own theme. So, there’s always something new and exciting to taste and learn about.

How does Kinsale support sustainability and locally sourced ingredients?

Kinsale food festivals care about where their food comes from. They use things like Dublin Bay Prawns and special cheeses. This shows their commitment to being green and supporting local farmers.

What makes Kinsale a prime destination for food lovers?

Kinsale is known in Ireland for amazing food. It mixes old traditions with new ideas. At its food events, the dishes share the story of Kinsale’s great local food.

What is the All Ireland Chowder Competition?

It’s a big deal where Ireland’s best chefs compete with their chowder. The event shows just how much Kinsale loves great food.

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