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Kerry is known for its stunning views and rich cultural scene. Visitors can enjoy various festivals throughout the year. These celebrations honour local arts, wellbeing, books, and music.1

If you’re into staying healthy and feeling good, the MOYA Festival in Ballybunion is for you. It focuses on well-being with things like meditation, yoga, and fun arts and crafts. For those who love sci-fi, there’s the May the 4th Film Fest on the Skellig Coast. It lasts two days and has movies and a Comic-Con event.1

Book fans should check out the Listowel Storytellers Festival. It lasts six days and celebrates the area’s strong literary history1. Motorcycle enthusiasts will be excited for the Killarney Bike Fest. It mixes rock music with bike exhibitions over four days. People from all over the world come to see it.2 There are also heritage events, like the Ballinclare Horse Fair in Annascaul and the Valentia Island Triathlon. They help keep local traditions alive and bring communities together.1

For art lovers, K-Fest in Killorglin is a must. It lasts for three days and turns empty spaces into art exhibitions. These displays are all about new, talented artists1. The Kerry Film Festival in Killarney is another highlight, going for four days in October. It shows films in special locations like old churches and heritage sites. This makes watching movies there a unique experience.3 Every event shows Kerry’s strong belief in culture and keeping traditions alive. It truly is a place full of joy for anyone who loves a good festival.

Key Takeaways

  • Kerry hosts various festivals year-round, celebrating local arts, wellness, literature, and music.
  • The MOYA Festival in Ballybunion promotes wellness through activities such as yoga and meditation.
  • From the sci-fi delights of the May the 4th Film Fest along the Skellig Coast to literary events, there is something for everyone.
  • Traditional fairs like the Listowel Harvest Festival Races and the Valentina Island Triathlon echo local traditions and community spirit.
  • The Kerry Film Festival and K-Fest in Killorglin showcase emerging arts and commitment to cultural engagement.

Introduction to Kerry Festivals

Kerry is a place full of cultural joy. Festivals breathe life into the community. They mix art with local history, making each event special.

Overview of Festival Culture in Kerry

Each festival in Kerry shows something unique. The Rose of Tralee Festival hit its 60-year mark in 2019. Over 60 Rose Centres, from Ireland to New Zealand4, joined in the celebration. In 1967, the event’s first TV broadcast by Telefís Éireann happened4. The London Rose won two years in a row, showing its global reach4.

The Puck Fair, with over 400 years of history, draws 80,000 visitors yearly5. The MOYA festival in Ballybunion mixes art and wellness uniquely5.

Why Kerry is a Unique Destination for Festivals

Kerry’s festivals mix with its stunning nature seamlessly. The Killarney Bike Fest started small but grew big. Now, 45,000 people enjoy it, including 10,000 bikers5.

Festivals in Kerry

The Harvest Race Week on the Listowel Race Course is also special. Every September, it brings 90,000 people together5. This shows Kerry’s strong community and culture.

Kerry offers diverse and deep festivals. From the calm MOYA in Ballybunion to the lively Killarney Bike Fest, there’s something for everyone. Kerry shines as a place of culture, history, and community joy.

MOYA – A Celebration of Wellness and Art

The MOYA Festival blends Meditation, Ocean, Yoga, and Art, happening in Ballybunion from May 3rd to 6th1. This coastal town’s beauty makes the festival’s vibe perfect, adding to the serene feel.

Activities and Highlights

At MOYA, you can do lots of Relaxation activities and join fun workshops. There’s yoga, calming ocean walks, and cool art shows. These make Art and culture Ballybunion known, standing out among Irish festivals.

Location and Dates

Ballybunion’s charm boosts the MOYA Festival. It takes place with stunning beaches and peaceful scenes from May 3rd to May 6th1. It’s a mix of wellness and art that you won’t want to miss during Summer festivals Kerry.

Visitor Information and Tips

This festival is getting more popular, so book your stay early. It’s a must-do during the summer in Kerry. Early booking means an even better time.

Visit MOYA Festival’s site for the latest on schedules and workshops. This can make your visit to the Wellness events Kerry better, giving you a more fulfilling experience.

May the 4th Sci-Fi Film Fest

The May the 4th Sci-Fi Film Fest will happen on the Skellig Coast from May 3rd to 4th. It mixes movies, creator highlights, and a big Comic-Con. This event at Portmagee, Co Kerry, celebrates Star Wars Day67.

Event Highlights and Attractions

The big show starts with three special Star Wars fan films at the Portmagee Community Centre. It includes a fun Cosplay Competition, talks about costumes, and chances to meet cool characters. Only the Sci-Fi Awards in Royal Hotel need a ticket6. Expect famous groups like 501st Ireland Garrison and Rebel Legion Ireland, welcoming fans from all over7.

Unique Location: The Skellig Coast

May the 4th Sci-Fi Film Fest

The Skellig Coast is famous for being in Star Wars movies. It’s a beautiful spot between Portmagee and Valentia Island, making it perfect for a festival in Kerry. The event will happen at places like The Domes, the Community Centre, and Royal Hotel. This mix of cool locations adds to the festival’s futuristic feel. And it gives fans a trip through their beloved movie worlds6.

Opening FilmsMay 3rd, 202420:00 – 22:00 ISTPortmagee Community Centre
Lightsaber Meet UpMay 3rd, 202417:00 – 20:00 ISTThe Domes at Portmagee Whisky
Sci-Fi Awards CeremonyMay 4th, 202419:30 – 19:35 ISTRoyal Hotel

Listowel Storytellers Festival

The Listowel Storytellers Festival is well-known for celebrating the art of storytelling. It is considered one of Kerry’s top literary events. Since its start in 2019, it has happened each mid-September8. This event brings together storytellers and musicians from both Ireland and around the world.

Organised by the Kerry Writers’ Museum, the festival offers many activities. These include performances, writer workshops, music, and events for children8. This showcases Listowel’s rich heritage of storytelling in a vibrant way.

Listowel cultural heritage

The festival highlights Listowel’s cultural legacy and oral traditions. It draws famous Irish storytellers, like Eamon Kelly, and newer talents, including Batt Burns and Frances Kennedy8. This year marks its 5th edition, featuring drama, story walks, and events for children, making it an exciting celebration of Irish culture9.

It’s a place where Kerry’s local stories meet international tales. The event also pays homage to literary greats like John B. Keane and Bryan MacMahon. Maria, an award-winning storyteller and Festival’s Artistic Director in 2021 and 2022, has shared her stories for over twenty years9.

Performers like Paddy O’Brien, known for his storytelling, and Sonny, a champion, add depth to the festival. They enrich the celebration of Irish literature9.

Those who visit can take part in various storytelling traditions. They can join workshops to improve their own storytelling. These experiences make the Listowel Storytellers Festival a memorable and welcoming event, where everyone is brought together by stories.

Killarney Bike Fest

The Killarney Bike Fest is happening from May 31st to June 2nd, 2024, in Killarney, Co. Kerry10. It mixes motorcycle culture with rock music in an exciting way11. This event is more than just about motorcycles. It’s a celebration of community, music, and adventure that everyone can enjoy12.

Killarney Bike Fest

Events and Activities

The fun starts at the Bike Village, just a mile from Killarney town centre on Muckross Road10. There will be guided rides along Kerry’s scenic coast, covering 2,500 km1011. You can also catch live rock music on four stages, shop at trader stands, and visit the Harley-Davidson® Experiential Zone. Plus, there are plenty of family-friendly activities available11. Don’t miss the Harley-Davidson® Custom Bike Show on June 2nd, with prizes for categories like Best in Show and Best Adventure1112.

Visitor Experience and Insights

2024 marks the 16th anniversary of the Killarney Bike Fest, set to attract 600,000 visitors10. There’s something for everyone in the diverse programme, from adventures for bikers to rock events12. The atmosphere at the INEC and Bike Village is lively and welcoming, boosting tourism in Killarney1011. The town ride on Sunday is a must-see, offering a spectacle for all11.

Festivals in Kerry

Kerry’s festivals are key in keeping local customs alive. They show off the area’s rich stories, music, and art. These events welcome everyone of any age, boosting family fun time in Kerry.

The Importance of Local Traditions

These festivals play a big role in keeping Kerry’s traditions going. From the old days of Annascaul’s Ballinclár Horse Fair to the newer Kerry Film Festival in Killarney, held every October,3 they honor the past and look to the future. They mix ancient customs with today’s celebrations, making the community stronger13.

Interactive and Family-Friendly Events

Family activities Kerry

Kerry’s festivals are all about bringing families together. They offer fun that’s also full of learning. Take the Listowel Harvest Festival Races, for example. They’re known for mixing thrill with local culture, becoming a must-see festival13. And there’s something for everyone, whether you like sports, music, or art. This broad appeal attracts people from all over, boosting Kerry’s economy and cultural ties14.

Irish festivals are great for joining in fun with the family. They’re all about community and cherishing shared traditions. They help both locals and visitors get to know Kerry better, celebrating its unique culture and heritage14.

Kerry Film Festival

The Kerry Film Festival (KIFF) is a top event in Killarney each year. It celebrates independent cinema in Ireland. The event runs from October 17th to 20th. 2024 is KIFF’s 25th edition15. It features short films under 30 minutes and longer feature films. These are the heart of the festival’s lineup16.

Event Programme and Highlights

Festival-goers will see films in special places like heritage sites and churches. This adds a unique touch to the Kerry film culture. In 2023, special awards were given, like the BEST OF KERRY, sponsored by Virgin Media. It was won by “Two for the Road,” showing the festival’s support for local talent15. Eileen Walsh also earned the Maureen O’Hara Award for her big role in the arts scene15.

Kerry Film Festival

Impact on Local Culture and Art

KIFF is more than just a film event. It plays a key role in Killarney’s cultural life. It highlights local artists. They get to show their work among global films. This can help launch local artists onto the world stage. The festival really supports short films with English or Irish scripts16.

The festival doesn’t charge for showing films. But it offers great chances to meet and impress industry pros. There are mentoring chances and awards, like the Screenwriting Award. These help artists get known more widely16. The festival’s wide variety of awards, for things like best narrative, best documentary, and best score, shows its love for all types of films15.

KIFF strengthens local arts while celebrating film’s uniting power. Taking part in KIFF is a lively way to explore independent cinema in Ireland. This experience greatly boosts the area’s cultural scene.

Killarney Bike Fest

The Killarney Bike Fest is a yearly party for those who love motorcycles. People from around the world come to enjoy it. In 2024, from May 31st to June 2nd, it will celebrate its 16th year10. It’s now one of Ireland’s biggest motorcycle events, with about 600,000 people visiting each year10.

Killarney Bike Fest

Events and Activities

There are lots of fun things to do at the festival, whether you’re into bikes or not. You can see cool shows, take part in rides, or enjoy rock music events. For those who love riding, there are amazing routes that cover over 2,500 kilometres of beautiful coastal roads10. Also, there are charity events that have raised more than 300,000 Euros for good causes10.

Visitor Experience and Insights

People visiting the Killarney Bike Fest get to enjoy more than just motorcycles. It’s a chance to be part of a lively gathering, with both locals and visitors having fun. The INEC and Bike Village are alive with adventure and festivities, adding to Killarney’s appeal for tourists.

This festival is unique because it mixes local spirit with global excitement. Even those who don’t ride bikes will be fascinated. Everyone can take part in fun events, like the big town ride on Sunday. The Killarney Bike Fest promises unforgettable moments for all its visitors, making it a standout event in Ireland’s motorcycle community.

K-Fest – Emerging Art and Music

K-Fest Killorglin is a key event from October 22nd to 24th. It showcases Irish contemporary arts, including the work of new artists since 201317. The festival changes empty spaces in Killorglin into lively pop-up galleries and venues. This creates a special vibe for music and art lovers1718.

K-Fest is also known for its support of new artists in Kerry. It gives new talents a great chance to grow their careers17. They have a special prize, the Screaming Pope Prize, for promising Irish visual artists18. Plus, there are live performances of original film scores by independent musicians. This adds an exciting touch to the festival18.

K-Fest Killorglin

There are many forms of art at K-Fest, like drama, comedy, and poetry. SECRET Cine Club shows surprise films in unique places. You only find out the film after it ends18. The festival also has an Art & Soul section for alternative therapies. This offers workshops for a full cultural experience18.

K-Fest is all about the local community. It’s run by volunteers from the area17. Kids and adults alike enjoy activities from the different festival committees. The Family Corner, for example, has kids’ cinema and fun races, making it perfect for families18.

People like Ruth McCarthy and Amano Miura help run K-Fest. They aim to keep it a top event for Irish contemporary arts17. This festival is packed with youthful spirit and a strong sense of fairness. It welcomes both the young and those young at heart18.

Valentia Half Marathon & 10KM

The Valentia Half Marathon & 10KM is set for October 23rd. It shines as one of Ireland’s top running events, highlighting Kerry’s stunning coast. Participants can choose between the half marathon or the 10KM, enjoying a blend of tough challenges and awe-inspiring scenery19.

Race Details and Registration

Results for the Valentia Half Marathon & 10KM are carefully tracked and shared online. This reflects the event’s focus on clear organization and participant satisfaction19. This race is a key part of Kerry’s racing scene, drawing runners from all over the world. If you plan to join on October 23rd, getting your spot early is wise for this much-loved event14.

Scenic Highlights Along the Route

The marathon’s path showcases Valentia Island’s stunning views. Runners will see Dingle Bay, the Blasket Islands, and the famous Skelligs. It’s a chance to connect with nature during the race, making it special among Ireland’s runs. Every stride brings a fresh, beautiful sight, creating an unforgettable experience19.

Time after time, the mention of posted results highlights the race’s strong organization. By offering results in PDF, the event shows it cares about a professional and detailed approach. Engaging with runners after the event is a clear sign of the organizers’ dedication to a satisfying race experience20.

Other Notable Festivals in Kerry

Beyond the big festivals, Kerry has many other events that are key to its rich culture. These include traditional Irish fairs, local celebrations, and Kerry’s famous sports. It’s all about keeping Irish traditions alive in the county.

Ballinclár Horse Fair

In Annascaul, the Ballinclár Horse Fair happens twice a year. It brings together people to buy and sell horses, enjoy traditional music, and taste local food on October 3rd1. This fair is a big part of Kerry’s heritage and shows its strong community spirit.

Valentia Island Triathlon

The Valentia Island Triathlon is a real challenge on October 2nd1. It consists of swimming, biking, and running. Athletes and spectators enjoy the event’s lively vibe and beautiful views of Valentia Island. It truly shows how Kerry loves its sports.

Listowel Harvest Festival Races

The Listowel Harvest Festival Races offer a thrilling experience from September 22nd to 28th. They draw about 90,000 people to enjoy the races and festivities15. The event is all about tradition and Kerry’s deep love for horse racing culture.


Festivals in Kerry mix culture with stunning views, celebrating the county’s heritage and modern life. From the historic Puck Fair to the modern K-Fest, there’s something for all21. These events show how Kerry keeps its traditions alive while uniting its people through art.

The beautiful landscapes, like those around Ballybunion, add magic to Kerry’s festivals. The Valentia Island Triathlon mixes sports with a big historical event. It shows Kerry’s talent in blending history with fun today, making it a top spot for visitors21.

Joining Kerry’s festivals gives a deep look into its culture. It also helps save local customs and brings the community together. The Listowel Storytellers Festival, for example, connects with the area’s writers, like George Bernard Shaw21. Every festival, from K-Fest to the Kerry Film Festival, weaves more culture into Kerry’s story.

By taking part in these events, we keep Kerry’s lively festival scene alive for future people. For more on Kerry’s history, check out this informative blog post with historic Kerry facts. Let’s keep supporting Kerry’s festivals. They create a wonderful atmosphere, build a strong community, and preserve cultural happiness.


What makes Kerry festivals unique?

Kerry festivals are known for their beautiful nature and deep culture. They bring the community together to celebrate their art and traditions. Visitors get to experience County Kerry’s stunning scenery and local life.

When is the MOYA Festival held?

The MOYA Festival runs from May 3rd to 6th in Ballybunion. It’s a wellness event with yoga, meditation, art shows, and more. The peaceful beaches of Ballybunion host these activities.

What are some highlights of the May the 4th Sci-Fi Film Fest?

The May the 4th Sci-Fi Film Fest is from May 3rd to 4th. It features movie showings, Comic-Con style events, and an award show. Everything is Star Wars themed, with the actual movie locations adding to the magic.

What can visitors expect at the Listowel Storytellers Festival?

The Listowel Storytellers Festival happens from May 29th to June 3rd. It honours Irish storytelling with walks, concerts, and workshops. This brings together skilled storytellers and those who love stories.

What activities are available at the Killarney Bike Fest?

The Killarney Bike Fest is from May 31st to June 3rd. It has motorcycle shows, scenic rides, concerts, and more. People from all over come, creating an exciting time for bikers and others.

What are some notable family-friendly festivals in Kerry?

Kerry has many festivals for families like the Ballinclár Horse Fair, the Listowel Harvest Festival, and arts events. They offer fun and educational activities for everyone. These festivals help preserve and share local traditions.

When is the Kerry Film Festival, and what can attendees expect?

The Kerry Film Festival is in Killarney from October 17th to 20th. It features films in unique places and chances to meet filmmakers. It’s a big cultural event in Kerry’s calendar.

What is K-Fest, and when is it held?

K-Fest is in Killorglin from October 22nd to 24th. It’s an arts and music festival in empty spaces. It supports new artists and musicians, offering a lively atmosphere.

What is the Valentia Half Marathon & 10KM?

The Valentia Half Marathon & 10KM is on October 23rd on Valentia Island. It’s a chance to run in Kerry’s scenic spot. Runners enjoy views of the coast and islands during the race.

What are some other notable festivals in Kerry?

In Kerry, there are other key events like the Ballinclár Horse Fair and the Valentia Island Triathlon. Also, the Listowel Harvest Festival highlights local fairs and sports. These are key parts of Kerry’s festive times.

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We are set on beautiful sacred land overlooking Lough Oughter in Cavan. Drummany Spirit is a community group which hosts the festival each year. 2024 is our third year running the festival and it's been a major success so far with new friends from across Ireland and abroad attending. You can see the festival lineup here, see photos from previous years here and you can get tickets here (note: the festival has very limited capacity and is almost sold out) .