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Top Family-Friendly Festivals Mayo to Enjoy in May

This May in Mayo, make new memories with your family. Explore our guide to discover the best family-friendly festivals. From the exciting Westport House Family Festival to Ballyhaunis’ traditions, there’s fun for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover family-friendly festivals Mayo boasts for delightful days out and unforgettable experiences.
  • Engage in both entertainment and educational activities tailored for all ages.
  • From Westport House Family Festival to Ballyhaunis, each event offers unique family bonding opportunities.
  • Experience vibrant music, arts, crafts, and local culture through these well-organised festivals.
  • Traditional celebrations feature local cuisine and dance, fostering strong family connections.
  • These festivals are perfect for creating cherished memories that will last beyond May.


Westport House Family Festival

The Westport House Family Festival is a huge event filled with fun for everyone. It takes place on the large 480-acre Westport House estate. Families can enjoy many exciting activities and entertainment all day2. At this event, there’s a special free guided tour app for exploring Westport House. It lets families discover the area’s rich history on their own.

Event Highlights

Some of the top things to do at the festival include live music, arts, and crafts, and playing in the outdoor playgrounds. And, the famous Pirate Adventure Park gives a 25% discount on tickets for guests staying overnight3. Families with young kids will love the Mini Ferris Wheel and Vortex Tunnel. These are great for keeping children entertained2.

family events Westport

Activities for Kids

The festival has lots of activities just for kids, like Jump Around and Panning for Gemstones2. There’s also Tiny Town, where kids can pretend to be anyone they like. It’s a big part of the fun at this family event2. Staying at Hotel Westport brings an extra surprise: free ice cream every day at 4 pm. This makes the festival even more special for families.

Castlebar’s Children’s Carnival

The Castlebar’s Children’s Carnival in early May is all about fun for the whole family. It mixes lots of bright entertainment with activities for kids. This colourful event aims to keep both young ones and their parents happy.

Main Attractions

The festival has exciting main events. There are puppet shows by Little Gem Puppets and canoeing at Lough Lannagh. Plus, history lessons from Mayo County Library4. Children can also try kayaking and paddleboarding, making sure they’re always having fun4. Circus workshops with Ringmaster Dea Birkett offer an interactive lesson for the kids4.
kids activities Castlebar
Master Falconer Jason Deasy and Kiltimagh Pet Farm bring more fun, letting families enjoy togetherness4.

Entertainment Schedule

The event’s schedule is packed with shows and activities. Puppet shows are at 12 pm, 2 pm, and 4 pm. This means everyone can experience the magic4. Storytelling happens at 1 pm, 3 pm, and 5 pm, adding more joy4.

On May 4th and 5th, there are Family Fun Days from 11 A.M. to 7.30 P.M at The Mall Castlebar. There will be live music on the Big Stage by bands like Atlantic Notes and Jiggy. It’s fun for both parents and kids4.

The carnival ends with big fireworks on May 5th at the Castlebar Military Barracks. This is the grand finish to a week of joy56. From May 3rd to May 6th, there’s a lot happening to keep spirits up5.

Ballina’s Outdoor Family Fun Day

Ballina’s Outdoor Family Fun Day is loaded with outdoor excitement. It has something for the whole family. You’ll find a mix of fun activities that promise lots of laughter and enjoyment.

Outdoor Activities

Families have a lot to choose from in activities. They can enjoy lovely walks in Belleek Forest Park. Cycling along the Great Western Greenway offers beautiful views from Westport to Achill7. For those who love the water, Enniscrone and Easkey beaches are perfect for watersports7. Just 15 minutes away, Waterpoint Aqua Park has a big waterslide and a fun children’s pool7.

Paddle and Pedal in Ballina is great for kayaking and cycling tours7. With many choices, every family can pick what suits them best.

Food and Beverages

Gourmet treats and tasty drinks are a big part of the day. Families can enjoy a variety of food, from local to international dishes. Nearby hotels offer special menus for kids, making meals easy for families7.

Whether it’s a picnic or trying out the food stalls, everyone will stay happy and full during Ballina’s Outdoor Family Fun Day.

outdoor fun Ballina

Claremorris Cultural Celebration

The Claremorris Cultural Celebration is a feast for the eyes. It’s all about art, culture, and fun. Families will find something they love, from live shows to arts and crafts. It brings together the best of local and global culture in one vibrant place.

Live Performances

Over 35 amazing events are happening for free in Mayo. You can enjoy talks on family history in Castlebar and great music in Crossmolina8. These events mix old traditions with new ideas, making everyone feel at home. It’s a melting pot of culture and arts for families.

Art and Craft Stalls

Claremorris shines with its art and craft markets. They’re filled with unique items and offer fun workshops. These markets show off local creativity and bring people together. There’s something for everyone, from workshops to stories8. If you love art, you’ll find photography shows and creative activities. It’s perfect for both art fans and families8.

family-friendly entertainment Claremorris

Newport’s Adventure Park Extravaganza

Newport’s Adventure Park is full of fun activities for the whole family. It mixes exciting games with chances for families to have friendly competitions. This makes it a great place for family time full of fun, friendly fights, and laughter.

Interactive Games

The Adventure Park stands out for its many interactive games. Families can enjoy games like giant Jenga and exciting scavenger hunts. These games help everyone work together and make special memories.

children-friendly activities Newport

Family Competitions

In addition, the park has fun family competitions. Families can compete in tug-of-war, sack races, and obstacle courses. These activities are not just fun; they help families grow closer through shared challenges and wins.

Visiting in the summer is even better. The park’s special events have games for both kids and adults9. Everyone, no matter their age, will leave with amazing memories from the Newport’s Adventure Park Extravaganza.

Achill Island’s Scenic Family Festival

Achill Island’s Scenic Family Festival blends natural beauty with fun activities, drawing all ages. It runs from Tuesday to Monday, with each day filled with things to do, like set dancing, boat trips, and tours. Families will love the various events, from markets to quizzes and parkruns. There are also unique experiences such as alpaca trekking and seaweed baths available10.

family-friendly attractions Achill

Natural Attractions

Explore the striking beauty of Achill Island through guided tours that teach about its nature. Families can take part in trips that show off the island’s stunning views. You can choose from mountain hikes, art visits, or exploring banshee film spots10.

Guided Tours

At the festival, don’t miss the chance to join guided tours specially designed for families. These trips, led by experts, are fun and educational. They help you get closer to the island’s natural wonders and culture. Enjoy the serene environment of Achill and its nature treasures.

Family-Friendly Festivals Mayo

In Mayo, family-friendly festivals are key to its rich culture and sense of togetherness. They show everyone, from children to grandparents, a good time. Whether it’s the lively events in Ballyhaunis or the fun days in Swinford, families have many choices.

kid-friendly festivals Ballyhaunis

These festivals truly showcase Mayo’s lively spirit. Like the La Gran Plaza de Fort Worth, they embrace traditions with events such as the Cinco de Mayo celebration. On May 5, 2024, starting at 1 pm, there will be fun until 8 pm11. Such events are packed with fun and learning, making everyone’s time special.

The effort put into Mayo’s events is clear. Look at festivals like the Dallas Cinco de Mayo Parade & Fiesta or the Flower Mound Cinco de Mayo celebration11. Every detail aims to create unforgettable memories for visitors. This dedication fills Mayo’s calendar with unique, enjoyable activities for all.

By taking part in these events, we actively build a stronger community. They are perfect for families to come together and share special moments. Mayo’s varied festivals and activities, from Ballyhaunis to Swinford, welcome people of all ages.

Traditional Celebrations in Ballyhaunis

Ballyhaunis is known for its lively cultural scene. It mixes local dishes, traditional music, and fun family dances. This town is in the heart of Connacht, a great spot for holidaying and day trips to places like Sligo, Connemara, Galway, and Boyle just an hour away12.

Local Cuisine

The food in Ballyhaunis is part of the celebration. People can try dishes that show off the area’s food history. The food not only tastes great but also brings families together over a meal.

Music and Dance

traditional music Ballyhaunis

The music in Ballyhaunis is a special tradition. It connects people through timeless melodies. Also, dancing is big here, from family events to local gatherings. Everyone, regardless of age, can join in and have fun. This creates an exciting vibe that celebrates culture.

Ballyhaunis has many clubs for different hobbies like fishing, biking, and acting12. This variety means there’s something for everyone. It adds to the festive atmosphere, making the celebrations inclusive and engaging.

Music and dance traditions in Ballyhaunis link back to May Day. This is when people gather around bonfires and dance. The town’s historic customs still shape its modern-day celebrations. It keeps the culture vibrant and meaningful for everyone involved13.

To sum up, Ballyhaunis offers a special chance to try local food, enjoy music, and dance with the community. These things make the town’s celebrations stand out. They symbolize its rich culture and bring people together.


As we end this amazing journey through Mayo’s family-friendly festivals, their value shines through. They are more than just fun; they’re opportunities to make meaningful memories with loved ones and experience local culture. The events span over four days and include must-see activities like the Parade of the Pike Men, led by the Irish Defence Forces, and the thrilling Dragon Boat Race at Lough Lannagh Lake5. There’s also the lively Family Fun Days at The Mall in Castlebar5. These festivals are designed to delight everyone, regardless of age.

The stunning landscapes of Mayo add another layer to these celebrations. From Achill Island’s historic sites and stunning views to the famed Croagh Patrick mountain, there’s much to explore14. Westport House is not far behind, offering historic tours and an adventure park with fun rides14. Plus, there are plenty of outdoor activities and opportunities to indulge in local music. Mayo ensures visitors have a complete experience that blends adventure with culture14.

The festivals’ impact isn’t just temporary; they leave a lasting effect. Take the Mayo Dark Sky Festival, for example. It’s all about astrophysics and space exploration, with leading experts giving talks15. These events bring the community closer, celebrating shared culture and introducing new traditions. Local cuisines and dances, like those in Ballyhaunis, highlight the region’s rich heritage5.

In the end, participating in Mayo’s celebrations not only creates unforgettable memories but also strengthens community ties. These moments become highlights of the year, enriching our understanding of Mayo’s vibrant culture and natural beauty. Every second spent at these festivals is truly valuable.


What can we expect from the Westport House Family Festival?

The Westport House Family Festival is a big event. It has something for everyone, from live music to arts & crafts. There are also fun outdoor playgrounds.

It’s pet-friendly too, with special places for dogs.

What are the main attractions at Castlebar’s Children’s Carnival?

Castlebar’s Children’s Carnival is full of life. It has exciting performances and special attractions for kids. Families will have a great time there.

What kind of activities are available at Ballina’s Outdoor Family Fun Day?

Ballina’s Outdoor Family Fun Day has lots of outdoor fun. There are thrilling activities and great food and drinks. This keeps everyone’s spirits up all day.

What can families enjoy at the Claremorris Cultural Celebration?

The Claremorris Cultural Celebration is where families can see local arts. They can enjoy live shows and visit craft stalls. It’s a fun place for the whole family.

What does Newport’s Adventure Park Extravaganza offer for kids?

Newport’s Adventure Park has games and competitions for kids. It’s designed to make fun and friendly challenges for the whole family. Laughter and bonding are key here.

What are the highlights of the Achill Island Scenic Family Festival?

The Achill Island Scenic Family Festival is about nature and exploration. Families can go on tours and discover the island’s beauty. It’s a day for learning and enjoying nature together.

What can we expect from traditional celebrations in Ballyhaunis?

In Ballyhaunis, the traditional celebrations are full of local food and lively music. Families can dance together and create new memories. It’s a way to celebrate the area’s history.

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