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About Bog Bodies

BOG BODIES are a heavy folk outfit, from Ireland, formed by songwriter and archaeologist, Dan Maher.

Their genre-bending, high-energy folk sound is characterised by the interplay of traditional Irish instruments such as the bodhrán, flute, and tenor banjo, with guitars and drums, creating a unique blend of old and new, earthy and electric. Combining the story telling traditions of Irish folk, with the raw intensity of Rock, and a dash of world music for good measure.
Bog Bodies’ songs are charged from the ancient megalithic sites of Ireland and are often political, ethereal and Celtic/Pagan in theme. The band’s name is inspired by the ancient bog bodies that have been discovered in Ireland, which were preserved in peat bogs for centuries, giving them an eerie and mysterious aura. This fascination with the ancient and mystical is a recurring theme in the band’s music, which is infused with the spirit of the land and the stories of its people.

Bog Bodies alternative-folk sound has been gripping audiences at summer festivals across Ireland from Electric Picnic, Stendhall Festival, Doolin Folk, Fuinneamh Festival, Uisneach Fire Festival, to a sold out headline slot at TempleBar Tradfest.

Their debut album ‘Reclaim the Ritual’ dropped on 1st November 2022, followed up by a sold out album launch in Whelans, Dublin on December 21st. 2023 has seen them sign with dutch booking agent DOOMSTAR, and Irish legacy agency MPI.

Their debut album “Reclaim the Ritual” is out now and available to stream on all digital music sites or purchased through the website.