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Limerick’s Top Cultural Events and Festivals Guide

Welcome to our Limerick cultural events guide. It’s time to explore Limerick’s rich culture. This guide shows you everything from music to art. Let’s dive into what Limerick has to offer.

The Shape of Things To Come kicks off on 27th May at the Hunt Museum, ending on 6th June1. The Lasta Young Creators Festival will be at the Belltable from 6th to 8th June1. Next is the Limerick Sings Festival from 7th to 9th June1. Don’t miss the LSAD Graduate Show until Sunday, 9th June1. Lastly, check out the Mountains, Fall on Us Exhibition by Austin McQuinn until 9th June1.

On 3rd June, have fun with the community at the Big Limerick Seisiún at the Locke Bar. Watch Treaty United play Kerry FC in Tralee via LIVESTREAM1. Enjoy cultural activities like yoga and art classes too1. 6th June brings live music, films, and comedy to Limerick1. The next day, with Election Day, features shows like Cabaret Bingo and comedy/magic1.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover Limerick’s vibrant cultural scene through our guide.
  • Find detailed schedules for art exhibitions and live performances.
  • The Shape of Things To Come is on at the Hunt Museum until 6th June1.
  • The Lasta Young Creators Festival 2024 runs from 6th to 8th June1.
  • Attend various cultural activities including yoga, walking groups, and art classes on 3rd June1.

The Annual Pigtown Festival

The Pigtown Festival is a big event in Limerick. It celebrates the city’s pork history. This year, it’s the 7th time they’re having it. It will be from September 21st to 24th, 20232. People love it because it shows off Limerick’s culture. This makes it one of the must-see festivals there.

What to Expect at the Pigtown Festival

If you go, you’ll find lots to do. There’s music, cooking shows, and the fun Pigtown Parade starting at 6 PM on September 222. Everyone loves it because it’s all about Limerick’s food and traditions. The festival is great for families. It even has a free food history exhibition at the Limerick Museum3.

Food and Drink Highlights

The Pigtown Festival is perfect for anyone who loves good food. You can have a fancy Pigtown Festival Dinner for €89.00 at The French Table2. Or enjoy a nice meal at Sash Restaurantfor €49.00. Add wine pairing for €39.00 too2. There’s also a Whiskey & Charcuterie Tasting for less. It costs €45.002. For a laid-back meal, try the Pigtown Brunch at No1 Pery Square. It’s only €25.002. There are also pop-up dinners featuring special dishes at places like Tuscany Bistro and The Mustard Seed3.

Pigtown festival

Family-Friendly Activities

The festival is great for families. Kids and adults alike will have fun. There are farm tours at Rigney’s Farm that come with lunch for €25.002. Plus, the Porter & Pudding event is free for everyone. Don’t miss the Culture Night Pigtown Party at the Milk Market on September 22. It’s from 5 PM to 8 PM2. There will be a parade and more fun after.

Event Date/Time Cost
Pigtown Festival Dinner at The French Table Sep 21-24, 2023 €89.00 per person2
Whiskey & Charcuterie Tasting Sep 21-24, 2023 €45.00 per person2
Pigtown Parade Friday, Sep 22, 2023, 6 PM Free3
Breakfast at No1 Pery Square Until 12 noon €25.00 per person2
Culture Night Pigtown Party Friday, Sep 22, 2023, 5 PM – 8 PM Free3
Guided Farm Tour at Rigney’s Farm Sep 21-24, 2023 €25.00 per person2

Limerick Sings Festival

The Limerick Sings Festival is a fun weekend that celebrates singing without any competition. It runs from the 7th to the 9th of June 2024. Choirs from Ireland, Europe, and the USA take part. They sing in Ireland’s most famous sites41.

This event is famous for its welcoming vibe and outstanding shows. Every year it gets more fans and participants.

Limerick Sings Festival

Participating Choirs

This time, about 600 singers, plus friends and family, will come. They’re from places like California, Iceland, and Norway. There are also local choirs5.

Choirs love coming because they can sing together and perform in beautiful spots. The Redemptorist Church is one of these amazing venues4.

Performance Schedule

There will be many events – concerts, workshops, and trails – spread over three days5. The big concerts are in Adare village on Saturday night and Sunday5.

Choirs will also have workshops to share ideas. These workshops are known for being well-organised and friendly4.

How to Attend

Want to go to the festival? Just pick a show at a cool Limerick venue. Choirs can stay at University of Limerick while they visit. It makes for a nice trip5.

Tickets can be bought online or at the door. It’s a great way to enjoy Limerick’s culture.

Lasta Young Creators Festival

The Lasta Young Creators Festival happens in Limerick. Top talents from local young artists are on show. It runs from the 3rd to the 9th of June 2024. The event is bubbling with new arts, live shows, and cultural sessions6.

Lasta Young Creators Festival

This event shines a light on up-and-coming creators. It aims to spark creativity in the youth and show off Limerick’s art scene. Visitors will enjoy shows, gigs, and discussions.

Featured Young Artists

Katie Hassett’s art is a must-see. Her work shows off Limerick’s diverse and rich art scene. The festival also hosts young musicians like Moya Sweeney. She will play a lunch gig on June 7th at 1 pm6.

Workshops and Panels

The festival’s schedule is packed with cultural activities. On June 8th, get ready for a lunchtime full of dance, poetry, and performance at 1 pm6. Later, at 4 pm, there’s “Sip n Sketch with MarianMaryThe6th and Matthew Donnelly”. Tickets are €10 each6. These are great chances to express yourself and learn together, building a welcoming creative community.

Event Locations

The festival takes place across Limerick. It’s a city-wide celebration of youth and art. Big performances happen at various spots. For example, Junk Drawer & Scol will perform on June 7th at 8 pm6. On June 8th, there’s a theatre night with Aoife Sweeney O’Connor, Scaredy Fat, and George Houston6. Each spot adds to Limerick’s vibrant art story, showing the city’s dedication to young creatives.

If you want to know more about the festival, its shows, and how to join, check the Lasta Festival Programme Announced.

Mountains, Fall on Us Exhibition

“Mountains, Fall on Us” is Austin McQuinn’s latest show at the Limerick City Gallery of Art. It’s open until June 9th, 2024. You can see his new paintings and sculptures there. McQuinn is famous for his art about saving and breaking traditions. He’s asking visitors to think about how art and old things connect78.

About the Artist Austin McQuinn

Austin McQuinn explores change, finding new beginnings, and remembering moments. At the Gallery, he shows new versions of military pictures and a tower made of Aran sweaters. These works show his unique, positive way of looking at life. Turning regular things into strong art pieces is what makes McQuinn’s shows in Limerick special8.

Exhibition Highlights

art exhibitions in Limerick

The “Mountains, Fall on Us” show is full of different stories, told with many materials. Key pieces are the redone military pictures and the sweater tower. They give a feeling of shared memories and who we are. The show is on from April 26th to June 9th, 2024. It’s a special chance to dive into McQuinn’s world of art78.

Visitor Information

The Limerick City Gallery of Art is easy to find, right in the middle of things. People from near and far can enjoy McQuinn’s work. It’s open every day, so come whenever you can. Also, there’s a talk where you can meet McQuinn and James Lawlor on May 29th at 2 pm8. This show is perfect for anyone who loves art or is just curious about it.

The Big Limerick Seisiún

Feel the heart of Limerick at The Big Limerick Seisiún. It’s a special time with great local music and dance. This event takes place in the Locke Bar, known for sharing Irish music and culture warmly.

Live Music and Dance

If you love live music, The Big Limerick Seisiún is perfect for you. At 5pm and 9pm every day, the Locke Bar comes alive. You’ll hear real Irish music and watch traditional dancing1. Many musicians join in, keeping Limerick’s music history strong.

Special Performances

Some nights are extra special with top musicians and dancers. These shows at The Locke Bar fill the place with amazing music and dance1. It’s a treat for everyone, from fast dances to beautiful songs, pulling in both locals and visitors.

Venues to Visit

The Locke Bar is the heart of The Big Limerick Seisiún. But there are other great places to visit too. Go to Treaty City Brewery for stories or the Commercial Bar for more music and dance1. These spots add colour to Limerick’s cultural life, celebrating Irish music and dance.

live music in Limerick

The Big Limerick Seisiún celebrates Limerick’s music in a unique way. It brings together the city’s culture through music and dance. For everyone who comes, it’s a chance to experience something truly special.

Future Limerick: Climate Arts Festival

The Future Limerick: Climate Arts Festival will take place from 16th to 21st May. It’s a first-of-its-kind event in Ireland. This festival brings art, culture, and talks on the climate crisis together9. All week, there will be shows and activities in key spots across Limerick. This includes the Lime Tree Theatre, Belltable, Dolan’s, and People’s Park10. People will enjoy a wide range of acts. They can see music, theatre, spoken word, and talks by artists about the climate emergency9.

Sunday’s Child Theatre and the Lime Tree Theatre are behind this. They hope to get everyone talking about protecting our planet. They’ve lined up many events for guests to enjoy9. You won’t want to miss the play Afloat, first shown in Dublin in 2019. This play inspired the whole festival9. There will also be shows by the X Collective and REIC. Expect amazing aerial performances by Fidget Feet too910.

The Festival is big on supporting earth-friendly art in Limerick. It even gets support from the ESB Brighter Future Arts Fund. This shows how important the festival is for getting the community involved in thinking about looking after our planet10. There’s also a Family Fun Day at People’s Park. Plus, there will be creative performances, art, poetry, a short story competition, and a night to hear new Limerick tales10.

This Festival is not just about having fun. It also aims to encourage everyone to do their bit for the planet. Through their art and creativity, the people of Limerick want to shine a light on the big issues of our time9. It shows how dedicated Limerick is to being green and creative. They’re using their art to talk about the big impact we have on nature.

Limerick’s June Bank Holiday Weekend Celebrations

The June bank holiday in Limerick kicks off a lively weekend. It’s packed with fun for all. With long days, it’s great to check out the buzzing markets, listen to music outside, and craft with locals or learn a new skill.

The city comes alive. It’s filled with energy as people from near and far join in the fun.

June bank holiday Limerick

Key Events

The Shape of Things To Come is a must-see event, a fine art and painting show at the Hunt Museum1. It runs until June 6th. Don’t miss the Lasta Young Creators Festival at the Belltable from June 6th to 8th1. On June 3rd at 1 pm, the UL Campus Pride Parade starts at the Brown Thomas statue1. Also, the Limerick Sings Festival is on from June 7th to 9th. It stars choirs from Ireland, the USA, and Europe1.

Family Activities

For families, the June bank holiday in Limerick is perfect. There are craft workshops and street shows for kids. It’s great fun shopping in the markets. Plus, the Flashback exhibition at the Hunt Museum Café adds to the experience. It’s open until June 30th1.

Best Places to Stay

Looking for a place to stay? Limerick has it all, from luxury to cosy B&Bs. With lots going on, book early to get the best spot. This way, you can enjoy the festivities with peace of mind. You’ll have a comfy place to relax each evening.

cultural events and festivals limerick

Our Limerick cultural calendar is packed with different events and yearly festivals. They celebrate the city’s art and history. Early on, the Limerick Spring Festival of Politics and Ideas grabs everyone’s attention. It offers film premieres, big debates, and protest music for all11. Also, in February, the West Limerick Drama Festival shows off amazing performances from drama groups 11.

cultural events and festivals limerick

The 3rd to the 6th of May sees Riverfest light up Limerick with fun events by the river. Then, on the 11th of May, the city joins the profound Darkness Into Light event12. July brings excitement with Liam Gallagher’s show at Thomond Park on the 14th12. As September starts, the Culture Night on the 20th and the Richard Harris International Film Festival from the 26th to the 31st should not be missed12.

In September, Limerick celebrates its pork industry history with the Pigtown Festival from the 21st to the 24th2. This event includes dinners, food demos, and more. The Pigtown Parade and Limerick City Food Tour are big hits, along with cookery demos by famous chefs2.

Through events like the International Band Championship in March, Limerick showcases its love for music. It welcomes over 1,300 musicians from different places11. These events show how Limerick works to keep its arts and culture alive, making the city vibrant and diverse.

Weekly Events and Gatherings

In Limerick, the weekly events and gatherings bring the community together. They allow both locals and visitors to experience the city’s dynamic culture. They are a key part of Limerick’s lively atmosphere.

Live Music Sessions

Limerick’s weekly live music sessions are very important. At Dolans Warehouse, you can see rising stars like Skerryvore on May 21st and Cherym on May 22nd13. These events make Limerick’s nightlife vibrant. They also give new musicians a chance to show off their talent. More music events are happening in pubs and open venues too1.

community events in Limerick

Educational Workshops

Limerick offers many educational workshops for all kinds of skills. An example is The Shape of Things To Come art show at the Hunt Museum from May 27th to June 6th. It explores fine art and painting1. There are also workshops during Engineers Week, highlighting the role of engineering today11. These events cover topics from the arts to environmental sustainability, aiming to inform and inspire.

Community Walks

Community walks in Limerick’s beautiful streets and parks are a great way to meet others and learn about the city’s history. In the summer, the city swims in the River Shannon provide a fun, cooling off together experience11. These activities build a strong community spirit. They also promote healthy living and being active in the community.


In the closing of our piece, we’ve seen Limerick’s culture is deep and lively, with something for everyone all year round. The city showcases events like the Global Limerick starting on September 16 and An Turas Mór – The Journey Home in Kerry from October 1 to October 31. These moments go beyond fun, offering a glimpse into Limerick’s shared history and its ongoing evolution14.

Joining in the local festivals, like the Pigtown Food and Culture Series, gives a true feel of the community’s life14. The Limerick Summer Proms, held from June 21 to June 23, features top acts such as the RTÉ Concert Orchestra. It really enhances the city’s music scene15.

By taking part in these cultural gatherings, we dive into Limerick’s never-ending creativity. Shows like the Limerick Sings Festival display the city’s flair for the arts. Meanwhile, the Global Irish Festival Series shows its togetherness. Together, these events highlight Limerick’s rich cultural tapestry. Let’s celebrate the ongoing journey and the vibrant cultural mix that makes Limerick stand out14.


What are some popular cultural events and festivals in Limerick?

Popular cultural events in Limerick include the Pigtown Festival and Limerick Sings Festival. There’s also the Lasta Young Creators Festival and the Future Limerick: Climate Arts Festival. They all show different parts of Limerick’s lively culture through food, singing, young art, and helping the environment.

When does the Pigtown Festival take place?

The Pigtown Festival happens in September. It marks Limerick’s history with pork.

What should we expect at the Limerick Sings Festival?

The Limerick Sings Festival is a big choral event with groups from around the world. It has concerts, workshops, and community sings across Limerick’s historic spots.

Who curates the Lasta Young Creators Festival?

Youth from Limerick curate the Lasta Young Creators Festival. It shows new creative work and inspires the next generation of artists.

Where can we see Austin McQuinn’s “Mountains, Fall on Us” exhibition?

Austin McQuinn’s “Mountains, Fall on Us” is at the Limerick City Gallery of Art. It includes new art from old engravings and a tower of Aran sweaters.

What activities are part of The Big Limerick Seisiún?

The Big Limerick Seisiún has Irish music and dancing at places like the famed Locke Bar. It shows off Limerick’s rich musical traditions.

What is the focus of the Future Limerick: Climate Arts Festival?

This festival combines art with environmental action. There are plays, films, and music to talk about climate change and how to make things better.

What events are held during Limerick’s June bank holiday weekend?

June’s bank holiday in Limerick has outdoor shows, crafts, markets, and fun on the streets. It’s great for families with stuff for all ages.

How can we find information about weekly events and gatherings in Limerick?

Local places in Limerick share what’s happening each week. Look at cultural calendars and ask around to find live music, classes, and walks.

Are there specific accommodations recommended for festival-goers in Limerick?

Limerick has everything from top hotels to cosy B&Bs for those coming to the festivals. Guests can choose what fits their budget and enjoy the city’s happenings in comfort.

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