Best holistic festivals England

Best Holistic Festivals in England – Top Recommendations

Wellness tourism is set to reach over £1 trillion worldwide by 2027, says the Global Wellness Institute.1 This shows how much people care about their health and minds. It has changed the way we think about travelling. England is now home to many festivals that help people relax, get fit, and take a break from technology.

At these events, you can learn about living consciously and being self-reliant. They are filled with fun outdoor activities and help you connect with others. Carol Savage from Not In The Guidebooks points out how important staying healthy is for everyone – not just people, but also doctors and leaders.

Key Takeaways

  • Wellness tourism is expected to surpass £1 trillion globally by 20271.
  • England has seen a surge in demand for relaxation, fitness, and digital detox festivals.
  • A diverse range of festivals celebrate conscious living and self-sufficiency.
  • These events offer outdoor activities, community spirit, and transformative retreats.
  • Carol Savage highlights the emphasis on prevention and wellness by various stakeholders.

The Big Retreat Festival: For Wild Swimming & Foraging

The Big Retreat Festival happens in Pembrokeshire, Wales, from May 24-27. It’s a top eco-friendly event in Britain. You’ll find over 300 different activities, like wild swimming and foraging workshops2. This festival is famous in England for being green. It’s great for families who enjoy arts, drumming, and music by The Feeling and the Sunbirds.

Location: Pembrokeshire, Wales

This event is held at Lawrenny Castle Estate. Its beautiful setting makes the festival even more special. More than half the people who come love how close they get to nature here3.

eco-friendly festivals Britain


The Energy Field is all about staying active. You can try circuit training, pilates, or dance. There are also mindset talks and nutrition classes2. The Soul Space is perfect for unwinding, with wood-fired hot tubs and gong baths2. The Talk Tent has talks to help you grow personally, in partnership with the Shelf Help Community2.

Families love the festival because most things are included in the ticket. They can learn outdoor skills and relax in the hot tubs in the woods2. Wellness is a big part of the festival, and it’s becoming more and more important worldwide. You can do activities like yoga, swimming, and join in talks and workshops here1. A lot of people like how many things they can do here3.

Orbit Wellbeing Festival: Yoga and Forest Bathing

The Orbit Wellbeing Festival will run from June 7-9 at Hopton Court in Shropshire. It’s a place where holistic and spiritual celebrations merge. This event offers a serene environment to connect with nature and oneself.

Location: Hopton Court, Shropshire

Hopton Court in Shropshire provides a perfect backdrop. The festival boasts a rich program, featuring yoga, meditation, and live music. It also includes forest bathing, shops, runs, and breathwork4. The beautiful surroundings of the estate support a eco-friendly festivals Britain theme, encouraging holistic wellness.

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The luxurious camping options at the Orbit Wellbeing Festival are a highlight. It offers top-notch facilities for both tent and bell tent campers4. Tickets start at £50 for a day and £140 for the whole weekend. Kids get special rates4. You can camp for £30 or go for bell tent hire at £4084.

The Saturday night Symphonic Sundown concert is a major event. It features Ibiza club classics from the last three decades4. This family event is described as civilised. There’s a dedicated quiet camping area for those looking for peace4.

The Orbit Wellbeing Festival celebrates a deep connection with nature and community. It provides a sophisticated yet down-to-earth experience for everyone. It’s an ideal place to explore inner peace and wellness.

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Wellnergy: Sound Healing and Laughter Therapy

Let’s talk about Wellnergy, an exciting event. It brightens hearts with a mix of health activities. It’s in London on June 15 and Manchester on July 6. The best part? You don’t have to camp, which brings the retreat’s spirit to everyone.

Locations: London and Manchester

Wellnergy offers events for everyone, focusing on five key areas. These are mindfulness, fitness, food, music, and laughter. By blending these elements, the festival shines as one of England’s top holistic gatherings.

best holistic festivals England


Ten tents and stages host talks and classes all day. This means lots to join in, like fitness and yoga sessions5. In the evenings, global DJs amp up the music, adding to the fun5.

And let’s not forget the great food available, which suits all diets. This makes it a foodie’s paradise5. Wellnergy also offers sound healing and laughter therapy, elevating mental health. Plus, there are workshops on sustainability with inspiring speakers5.

Each festival spot brings its own magic. London’s event is at Queen Elizabeth Walk on June 15. Manchester welcomes you on July 6. This cements Wellnergy’s place among England’s top holistic festivals2. Come for a day packed with wellness, connection, and the best of holistic retreats that Britain has to offer.

Love Trails: Fitness and Adventure on the Gower Peninsula

The Gower Peninsula in South Wales is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It hosts the Love Trails Festival from 11-14 July, 20246. This event is known as the world’s first running and music festival. It brings together running and a mix of music, from house to afrobeat6. This means you can run or hike beautiful trails and enjoy music too. All this, while joining in on adventure activities and wellness workshops6.

Location: Gower Peninsula, South and Wales

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The festival takes place on the stunning Gower Peninsula. It includes a wide range of fitness activities loved by UK fans6. Think coasteering, rock climbing, and even surfing6. You can also chill on the beach, check out villages, and do daily yoga sessions. This creates a perfect holistic experience6.


For the thrill-seekers, there are trail runs and action sports. But, there’s also luxury outdoor spa time against the Gower’s beautiful views6. Daily, there are movement workshops, talks, and celebrations. Love Trails embraces activity, nature, and the joy of running. It mixes sport, music, and wellness in a special way, making it a top UK festival6.

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LoveFit: For an Adults-Only Fitness and Party

LoveFit is a unique event mixing tough fitness in the daytime with fun, forest parties at night. It takes place in the secluded pine forests of Sevenoaks, Kent, from July 12-14. This adults-only experience is set to be unforgettable.

Location: Sevenoaks, Kent

Sevenoaks’s serene woodland setting is perfect for both the hard workouts and the exciting night parties.


Exclusively for adults, LoveFit starts at £149 and is mostly for those aged 24-397. It offers a strong schedule of fitness alongside meditation, yoga, and soothing massages. This mix aims to give attendees a full wellness experience.

As the sun sets, the scene changes to a lively party with top music and DJ performances. It’s known as one of the leading adults-only festivals in the UK7. LoveFit is exceptional for combining hard work with fun, fitting the UK’s rise in wellness tourism trend perfectly.

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Wilderness: A Hedonistic Party in Oxfordshire

Wilderness Festival is back in the beautiful Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire, for its thirteenth year from August 1-4, 20248. This year, it offers a mix of art, music, and wellbeing. You can enjoy performances by famous people such as Michelin-starred chefs and top musicians8.

hedonistic wellness events

There’s music for everyone, from The Wilderness Stage to The Valley, with acts like Michael Kiwanuka and De La Soul8. But it’s not just about music. You can also try amazing food from chefs like Claude Bosi and Asma Khan in a natural setting8.

Location: Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire

The festival takes place in Cornbury Park, offering a four-day celebration9.It’s where quirky festivals and wellness events meet, creating a unique experience. This makes it a highly awaited event in the UK8.


There are lots to do, like comedy shows, outdoor fun, and delicious food8. One special feature is The Chef’s Table, where you can have a fancy meal with top chefs. It gives you a peek into the world of fine dining8.

Wilderness Festival isn’t just any festival; it’s a special trip in Britain. With amazing music, great food, and art, it creates a magical experience. This festival combines the best of a party and a spa, making it truly different8.

ALSO Festival: Nature and Mindfulness

The ALSO Festival will be held at Park Farm in Warwickshire from June 12-14, 20242. It’s a place for people to get back in touch with nature and themselves. You can take part in many activities to feel closer to nature and learn about mindful living.

Location: Park Farm, Warwickshire

Park Farm, set in the calm of Warwickshire, is the ideal spot for this mindful event. Its beautiful surroundings make the festival’s focus on nature perfect. It’s great for those wanting a break from busy life.


ALSO Festival is known for mixing activities that appeal to everyone. You can join workshops and talks about mindful thought, climate change, and mental health. Outdoor events like forest bathing and wild swimming help you connect with nature2.

The festival is big on bringing people together through meals2. They believe eating together creates a strong sense of community and understanding.

The ALSO Festival is highly anticipated by those who love nature and wellness. With so many activities, it’s sure to have something you’ll enjoy. It’s a top choice for people excited about natural-wellness events in the UK.

ALSO FestivalPark Farm, Warwickshire12-14 July 2024
Wilderness FestivalCornbury Park, Oxfordshire1-4 August 20242
Wellnergy FestivalQueen Elizabeth Walk, London15 June 20242
Green Man FestivalBrecon Beacons, Wales15-18 August 20242

VERVE Festival: Wellness in Cranborne Chase

VERVE Festival happens on September 21-22 in the beautiful Wiltshire’s Cranborne Chase. It’s known for its focus on eco-friendly and conscious living. It’s also one of the first zero-waste events in the UK. VERVE offers a mix of holistic activities starting at £1392.

Location: Cranborne Chase, Salisbury

In the heart of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, VERVE Festival showcases stunning surroundings. It’s the perfect place for nature lovers and those seeking wellness. VERVE welcomes both seasoned and new green event visitors, offering a unique experience.


conscious living events

At the festival, enjoy workshops like face yoga and psychedelic breath sessions. Plus, there are stage shows about meditation and movement. Ideal for holistic retreat fans. Expect yoga, meditation, gong baths, and insightful talks10. VERVE is big on saving the planet with its no-waste rule, leading the way in eco-friendliness in the UK wellness scene2.

Best holistic festivals England: Top Choices

The wellness tourism UK sector is set to go over £1 trillion by 20271. That’s why England’s top holistic festivals are booming. They offer chances to join spiritual communities and enjoy wellness fun. The Big Retreat Festival, from 24–27 May 2024 at Lawrenny Castle Estate2, is great for those who love wild swimming and foraging. On 15 June 2024, the Wellnergy Festival in London2 will mix sound healing with laughter therapy.

The Love Trails Festival, from 11–14 July 2024 at the Gower Peninsula2, is perfect if you love fitness and adventure. LoveFit Festival, also from 12–14 July 2024 in Kent2, combines day fitness with night forest parties, ideal for adult getaways. The AND ALSO Festival, happening on 12–14 July 2024 in Warwickshire, focuses on nature and mindfulness, featuring forest bathing and wild swimming.

Wilderness Festival, from 1–4 August 2024 at Cornbury Park2, is famous for its creative mix of art and wellness. Summer Camp by The Good Life Society, from 19 July to 5 August 2024 at Hawarden Estate2, focuses on community and eco-living.

best holistic festivals England

VERVE Festival, on 21–22 September 2024 in Cranborne Chase, offers unique wellness activities. Green Man Festival, from 15–18 August 2024 in the Brecon Beacons2, and Soul Circus, from 15–18 August 2024 in Elmore2, both highlight their activities in stunning nature. These events show England’s leading role in global wellness tourism, offering the best ways to refresh your mind, body, and spirit.


In Britain, we’ve seen the rise of holistic festivals. They offer a chance for many to step back and focus on self-care, the environment, and being together as a society. It’s great to see the Green Gathering festival, awarded for its eco-friendliness, leading the way11. The Shambala festival has also shown a great example by having no abandoned tents, reminding us all to be more responsible for our planet11.

Take the Love Trails festival, for example. It’s on the Gower peninsula and really cares about the environment. With chemical-free toilets and local food, they’re showing how much they value being green11. The Šyafestivalen in Oslo is also doing its part. Almost everyone there uses eco-friendly ways to arrive, reducing their impact on the earth. These examples show us a move to celebrations that are in harmony with our world11.

The top holistic festivals in Britain help us leave our screens behind. They connect us with nature and each other, focusing on our health and joy. Participating in them leads to a mindful and green lifestyle. They’re not just events; they’re journeys that can change how we see the world and create lasting memories.


What are the best holistic festivals in England?

In England, great places to experience holistic festivals are The Big Retreat Festival and Love Trails. LoveFit, Wellnergy, Orbit Wellbeing, Wilderness, ALSO Festival, and VERVE Festival are also top choices. These events focus on wellness, fitness, and living in harmony with the planet.

Where and when does The Big Retreat Festival take place?

The Big Retreat Festival happens in Pembrokeshire, Wales, from May 24-27. It’s a unique event with over 300 wellness activities, including wild swimming and foraging. It’s known for helping people transform their lives naturally.

What activities can I expect at Orbit Wellbeing Festival?

Orbit Wellbeing Festival will take place at Hopton Court in Shropshire from June 7-9. It offers yoga, forest bathing, breathwork, and inspiring speeches. You’ll also find great food. This is all set in a beautiful and peaceful estate.

Does Wellnergy require camping?

No camping needed at Wellnergy. It’s a one-day event in London on June 15 and in Manchester on July 6. You can join activities like sound healing and ballet yoga. Workshops on building resilience are also available.

What makes Love Trails unique?

Love Trails is special because it mixes running with music and adventures. It’s held by the sea in South Wales from July 11-14. You can try coasteering, rock climbing, and even yoga, all with amazing views.

Is LoveFit an adults-only festival?

Yes, LoveFit is only for adults, running from July 12-14 in Sevenoaks, Kent. It combines tough fitness with meditation and yoga. There’s also live music and DJ sets in the forest at night.

What kind of experience does Wilderness Festival offer?

Wilderness Festival is a big, fun experience with a focus on the arts. It happens from August 1-4 at Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire. You can join wellness workshops and enjoy performances, yoga, and great food.

What can I expect at ALSO Festival?

ALSO Festival in Warwickshire is about mindfulness and nature. From June 12-14, it offers talks, workshops, forest bathing, and swimming. It aims for visitors to feel connected to nature and themselves.

How is VERVE Festival eco-friendly?

VERVE Festival is very eco-friendly, promoting a low-waste approach. It’s on September 21-22 in Cranborne Chase. There, you can enjoy face yoga, breath classes, and meditation in a green way.

Why are holistic festivals becoming popular in England?

Holistic festivals are growing in popularity because people care more about themselves and the planet. These events offer varied activities and a chance to live deeply and meaningfully. They focus on sustainable and healthy living.

What are the benefits of attending a holistic festival?

Going to a holistic festival is good for your body and mind. It helps you grow personally and feel calm. You can also meet people with similar interests in beautiful outdoor spaces.

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Healing Spirit festival takes place at Drummany Spirit, Milltown, Cavan, Ireland on the 4rd to 5th August 2024. Our festival is run by our small community group, Drummany Spirit, is family and child friendly and is alcohol and drug free. This boutique festival features a large lineup of live music, plus a large array of holistic events and practices including sweat lodges, yoga classes, movement meditation (ecstatic dance), pranayama/breathwork, meditation; plus alternative healing and therapies, crafts, art, drumming circles and talks by leading authorities on personal and spiritual growth, sustainability, conscious living, and healing.

We are set on beautiful sacred land overlooking Lough Oughter in Cavan. Drummany Spirit is a community group which hosts the festival each year. 2024 is our third year running the festival and it's been a major success so far with new friends from across Ireland and abroad attending. You can see the festival lineup here, see photos from previous years here and you can get tickets here (note: the festival has very limited capacity and is almost sold out) .